Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Torra asks the CUP to leave the opposition and return to the independence majority

Torra pide a la CUP que deje la oposición y que vuelva a la mayoría independentista

they do not have enough deputies to approve their initiatives in the Parlament. Therefore, neither the Government to carry out its decrees law. A sample of this, the decree of emergency measures in terms of living place Territori conseller, Damià Calvet, was forced to withdraw from the agenda of the Catalan Chamber after finding that he did not have enough support. In view of a situation that compromises you, Quim Torra has asked the CUP today during the control session to join "the independence majority" and "not make the mistake of returning to isolate." "We need you, but you also need us" to return to "knock down the State" as you think it happened with the 1-O.

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The president of the Generalitat has responded in this way to Carles Riera, deputy of the CUP. During his speech, the cupper has tormented the Torra government is limited "to administer an autonomy in full decadence intervened by the State" and not govern. For the anti-capitalists, the Catalan Executive has not undertaken any initiative or political strategy to exercise self-determination, furthermore, according to Riera, it has not recovered any of the social laws suspended or annulled by the Constitutional Court. Moreover, he has accused Torra of "follow-up on antisocial policies of previous stages".

Governing "republicanly"

Torra, in view of Riera's doubt that the Govern governs, has replied that the Catalan Cabinet not only governs, but also does so "republicanly". The response has not pleased Riera, who immediately demanded: "Govern or leave and call elections and give way to those who do want to take this country to the republic." "Every time they dialogue with the State, they further sink the popular victory of the 1-O," he pointed out earlier, while affirming that the Government of Torra has gone from the independence movement to the "neopujolismo del peix al cove", to the new "Sociovergencia led now by ERC".

In his turn of counterreplica, the president has lowered the tone and has assured that the CUP and the Govern do not disagree with the objective of moving towards the Catalan republic. Thus, he wanted to point out his commitment to independence and social justice with the promotion of the debate on the constituent process coordinated by Lluís Llach and has asserted that the recovery of social laws annulled or suspended by the TC is under way. At this point it was when Torra stressed that the Government devotes more than 75% of the budget to social policies. "That's what we make the republican soul of this Government," he said. For that reason, he has demanded that the CUP "join the independence majority." "Add and let us all together find a way for this country to recover that great consensus that was the 1-O," he concluded.

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