Toro relives the vintage of the past with chariots adorned in the old style

Toro relives the vintage of the past with chariots adorned in the old style

The traditional parade of cars adorned in the old fashioned way, which ended with rain, has reminded us of the past of the past in the city of Toro, home of the Wine Denomination of the same name.

A total of forty-four carriages pulled by donkeys or mares, decorated with typical wicker baskets laden with bunches of grapes of the variety that gives its name to the Denomination of Origin, have toured the streets of Toro until they reach the Plaza Mayor, where the participants have gathered to celebrate the grape harvest campaign.

The parade, central act of the Toro grape harvest festivities, declared of Regional Tourist Interest, has had the participation of neighbors and a dozen folklore groups of the wine region.

In the same way, to give eye to the route of the adorned cars have contributed groups of music and traditional dances of the Zamora capital, Ciudad Real and Torreón de Cartes (Cantabria).

Along with the baskets loaded with grapes, the cars have carried other products that were typical to take to the harvest to have lunch in the past as plums and peaches, quince, cheese, torreznos, sausages or tortilla.

In addition, the participants have dressed garments that imitated those used a century ago by the grape pickers.

The president of the Denomination of Origin Toro, Felipe Nalda, who has lived the party "from within" to parade next to one of the cars, has indicated that this year, in an atypical way, the party has been celebrated without having yet finished the vintage

Nalda has indicated to Efe that the meteorological conditions of the campaign have caused that the maturation of the grape has been very irregular, according to the payment, reason why the grape harvest campaign has been prolonged more than usual.

Forecasts indicate that by the end of next week, if the weather respects the grape harvest, most of the harvest may have already been carried out.

For the moment, until this weekend had collected seventeen million kilos of grapes, mostly ink Toro, the main variety of the area.

The regulatory council of the Toro Denomination of Origin estimates that the harvest season will be closed with between twenty and twenty one million kilos of grapes collected, which corresponds to an average quantity campaign while the quality will be good because the vineyard does not He has suffered illnesses, as Nalda has pointed out. AND


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