September 27, 2020

TOP best companies of liberal professionals


We present the guide of best companies dedicated to professional services, they have in common that they have liberal professionals really aware of offering a quality service to their clients, for which they are in constant training and updating, adapting to the most recent social demands and solving everyday problems that we have all experienced at some time.

This guide will be very useful if you need legal advice for both you and your business. If you have your own company, you will also find other services that may interest you, such as outsourcing services, seo positioning agencies and e-commerce.

And, finally, we did not want to miss the opportunity to present the novel service in Spain of 3D printing.

ASJ Legal

Legal issues are always a crucial issue and, normally, difficult to manage.

However, in ASJ Legal We believe that this is not a problem if you have the right ally. In these times you have to have a guarantee choosing the lawyer for your case and in ASJ JURIDICO we have the team of LAWYER ADRIAN REBOLLO, winner of the MACRODEMANDA DE CLAUSULAS SUELO for a consumer association.

Recover what you have overpaid on your mortgage with floor clauses, multi-currency mortgages, IRPH, mortgage expenses, Banco Popular shareholders, Bankia preferred, Santander securities and, in general, other toxic products for which you have been affected by the entities banking.

We are experts in financial and banking law for having directed more than 3,000 lawsuits and representing more than 20,000 people in land clauses, multi-currency mortgages, IRPH, mortgage expenses, Banco Popular shareholders, Bankia preferred, Santander securities and other entities.

Our success story supports us, being able to advise you on any banking product.

Call us without obligation at 665 665 614 or visit

M & BL Lawyers


Since the Supreme Court declared the Clause of imposition to the consumer of the expenses to constitute a mortgage abusive, the Courts and Tribunals of our country have not stopped lurching about what amounts the borrower will be able to recover, and their claim periods.

Right now, most of the Provincial Courts defend the thesis, once the aforementioned clause has been declared null and void, that the bank supports at least half of the costs of Notary, Gestoría and Valuation, and all of those of Registry.

However, we will have to wait for the next pronouncement of the CJEU, which could revoke the doctrine of the Supreme Court and determine the origin of the full refund of all expenses assumed by the consumer, including the Tax on Documented Legal Acts.

In M & BL Lawyers We have a specialized department in Banking Law in constant training and updating, offering our clients an adequate advice to the changing circumstances in the matter.

Red Laboris Labor Lawyers

Red Laboris Labor Lawyers; law firm specialized in Labor Law and Social Security, with offices in Murcia and Madrid.

In Red Laboris you will find the best labor lawyers, with extensive experience in employment counseling and Social Security.

Regarding termination or modification of the contract, Red Laboris will advise you in case of employment regulation files (ERE), dismissals, substantial modification of working conditions, temporary suspension or reduction of working hours, etc.

In terms of labor relations, you will find the best advice on collective agreements, infractions and penalties, leave, reduction of working hours, holidays, paid leave, maternity or paternity, etc.

In matters of Social Security, you will have the best lawyers specialized in benefits derived from work accidents, retirement, unemployment, Fogasa, and all kinds of administrative actions from the Labor Inspectorate or any Social Security agency.

If you need an experienced labor lawyer, do not hesitate to contact Red Laboris ( The consultation is free.


ATEOUTSOURCING It has a motto: "When the experience and the most qualified personnel come together, the possibilities are endless". After 19 years, today this company is a benchmark in the outsourcing of services, being a specialist in different sectors and in a variety of activities.

What is the reason for this continued growth?

The key is to understand the needs of the client to offer a global project that includes all solutions to their demands in which common objectives are defined to be managed in continuous improvement.

What is the infrastructure to develop your business?

In recent years we have doubled turnover, number of workers and operating centers, updating our ERP to gain efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the balance of the strategic plan established in 2015?

It has been completed in more than 90% and is based on 5 pillars: investment, new services, geographic growth, process management and organizational restructuring. This plan has been adapted to give continuity until 2021 to ensure the consolidation of ATEOUTSOURCING in the face of the changes that digitalization and new labor legislation will cause.


BIG SEO AGENCY: 5 tips for designing an online survey

Several aspects you need to take into account when designing a survey that will determine your success or failure.

1 Make it simple

If your respondent needs to think too much, he will end up abandoning the survey, leaving it half-hearted. Be brief in writing the questions and use simple language avoiding the use of technicalities.

2 Go to the point

When writing, make sure you are asking just what you want to know, without adding irrelevant data.

3 Take care of the visual aspect

The visual overload will move the respondent away, so make it attractive. You can find a multitude of tools that will help you, like these Typeform survey templates. You will see how spectacular they are!

4 Plan the shipment

Rate the best time to send the survey, aligning with other departments to match different actions and respecting weekends.

5 Analyze the results

Collect the data and do a complete study of the results to develop an improvement plan. It will help you perfect your future surveys.

Are you ready to design an effective survey?

Dinamic Area

Dinamic Area, specialized in the development of technological solutions designed for people, based on mobile applications, web and system integrations.

Where is the key in the effective digital transformation of companies and entities?

In our experience, the biggest challenge is for organizations to provide a technological solution to the problems of people in any field and to facilitate the tasks to be carried out. If with web pages and mobile applications, integrations, etc., they make the life of their employees and their clients better, they are achieving the true digital transformation of the company or entity.

How can a company developing web pages and applications contribute to making this digital transformation of organizations a reality?

In each project we propose to the challenges and problems faced by our clients, we focus on improving processes and operations, reducing the time to access needs and eliminating recurring tasks of little added value for the entity. We have more than 350 technological solutions in 15 years, favoring the digital transformation of companies and entities. We strive to create technological solutions that respond efficiently to the desired objective.


IT MANUFACTURE: Like a glove.

To understand the phenomenon of 3D printing, we must first understand how new technologies have changed the way we communicate.

Currently services such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix … offer content adapted to our history and causing our digital life to revolve around maximum personalization.

As well as the AI ​​and the BigData are tools to obtain information about our tastes and preferences. 3D printing is the tool capable of converting a digital idea into a tangible, real object, designed just for you. A unique and exclusive object, perfectly adapted to what you need.

"The best suit is not the best brand, but the tailor made".

This is what companies know, and society is becoming more aware.

"Made to measure as that size of shoes that almost fit you."

Although still digital manufacturing technologies are "primitive", they continue to improve their performance and application, being unstoppable that in the future EVERYTHING is made for you.

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