May 14, 2021

Too: "I have lived a nightmare, I am a trusting person" – The Province

Too: "I have lived a nightmare, I am a trusting person" - The Province

The footballer of Levante UD, Toño, that last Friday was put in freedom without bail after 21 days in the Penitentiary Center of Teruel, has issued his first statements today after leaving prison. Toño assures that he has no connection with the extortion plot to a contact website, to which he was related by the judge, before the Provincial Court of Teruel released him, considering that "there are no solid indications for his incrimination.

This is the Literal content of your statement: "These days I have lived a nightmare, I went from absolute happiness to renovation with the Levante to see me in prison without understanding anything, I have been deprived of my freedom because of a suspicion I have been able to make a mistake, I am a confident person and I have not thought badly about the people, maybe I should have protected myself more, but from there to suppose that I belong to a criminal organization and that I am dedicated to money laundering, there is a world, it is absolutely false and I will prove it. I want to thank the club, the president in head, the colleagues and all the Levante fans for trusting me and supporting me, second, telling them to trust me, that everything will be clarified and I will prove that I am innocent.


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