Tons of solidarity and ‘no home without food’

La Caixa Foundation food delivery.

La Caixa Foundation food delivery.

The second edition of ‘No home without food’, promoted by the ”La Caixa” Foundation, With the support of CaixaBank, it closes with a total of 2.2 million euros collected. With this amount, 2,386 tons of basic food have been obtained, which will be distributed among the 54 Food Banks, associated with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). On Canary Islands they have been achieved 103,496 euros for the two provincial food banks. Thanks to this action, more than 45,000 people in vulnerable situations will have a guaranteed basic diet throughout the summer.

The objective of the campaign «No home without food» in favor of the Food Banks is to help the people most affected by the collateral effects of Covid-19, who resort to the almost 8,000 collaborating social entities to request food. In response to the good reception of the campaign and the pressing need, the ”la Caixa” Foundation decided to contribute an additional million euros to the initiative, adding a total of 2.2 million euros.

“The social emergency derived from the pandemic persists, and therefore we must support those who need it most. With the success of this solidarity action, we show that together we are stronger, and thanks to the grains of sand contributed, there will be thousands of families who will receive food aid. Only in this way, united, will we be able to eradicate poverty ”, highlighted the President of the ”la Caixa” Foundation, Isidro Fainé.

According to FESBAL, the demand for help increased by around 50% after the start of the pandemic and food banks served half a million more people than the previous year. In total, 1,560,000 people attended, of which 360,847 were children between the ages of 0 and 14.

As a result of the pandemic, FESBAL has detected that the profile of the people who attend has broadened: now, those who need food are not only people in severe poverty, but also families that before the crisis had medium or low income, Y young couples who have lost their jobs due to ERTE and ERE to which different companies have been doomed. In addition, this situation could worsen, according to food banks, if there is no rebound in the economic recovery.

Committed to action, thousands of people have joined the #NoHogarSinAlimentos movement, including celebrities such as the actor Antonio Banderas, the model Vanesa Lorenzo and the chef Ferran Adria, which have contributed to giving visibility to the initiative on social networks, highlighting the commitment of food banks.

Possibility of collaborating until August 31

The electronic channels will remain active until August 31, although the campaign has ended. Therefore, anyone who wishes can continue to collaborate through Bizum, by sending your donation to the number 38014.

In addition, CaixaBank will continue to make the corporate portal available to the entire society, even if they are not clients of the entity. Through CaixaBank NOW online banking, both in the app and on the web, those who wish to collaborate will be able to continue participating. For its part, the portal will remain in force to collaborate.


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