Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

"Toni Servillo is in a state of grace"

"5 È IL NUMERO PERFETTO" ("5 IS THE PERFECT NUMBER"), by Igor Tuveri: it is a mafia movie that, being in Italy, takes the name of a camorra. A violent history of murders with everything that happens in that environment, the problem arises when they kill the only son of a retired gangster who returns to action after this event and there all the revenge on bosses, sub-bosses, everything there was and for having in the camorra and all this divided into chapters. Nice movie to watch and that is based on a comic by the director himself. And Toni Servillo as an actor in a state of grace and magnificent, at the end of the film we have a big surprise.

"COLOR OUT OF SPACE", by Richard Stanley, this film is based on a story by H. P. Lovecraft, has even some images of great beauty. The whole story revolves around a meteorite that falls on the earth where we have Nicolas Cage as the protagonist. Movie that I recommend that you go to see it, if it ever comes to be released, which would be included in the genre of science fiction. Recommended to have a good time.

"THE VIGIL", by Keith Thomas, this is a story among Jews, the protagonist is hired to watch over a dead man, this person has lost some faith in his religion and begins to see visions, as usual in this type of films, of all the evils that he has been doing throughout his life. Therefore it is a film that is looking for the malevolent interiors of the protagonist, which we have already too many times before.

To end, "YVES" ("ALL ABOUT YVES"), by Benoit Forgeard, is the third French film that this festival gives us, with a tremendous pint of elongated short because it is the story between the main character and a fridge. Fridge that guesses everything, until you order everything that is needed from the supermarket, talk even with the protagonist but ends the story getting tired of the beautiful and everyone knows how the French are chauvinists, since he closed the last Fortnight of filmmakers from Cannes. Nothing recommended movie.

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