Toñi Moreno rebukes Avilés for his anger with Enrique del Pozo: "Respect the people"

Toñi Moreno and José Antonio Avilés.

Toñi Moreno and José Antonio Avilés.

José Antonio Avilés and Enrique del Pozo have starred in a tough confrontation during the broadcast of 'Viva la vida' this Saturday, August 7, to the point that Toñi Moreno, presenter of the program during the summer season, has had to intervene to reprimand Avilés for the contempt he has done to his partner.

It all started when The former contestant of 'Survivors' argued with Carmen Borrego and asked her not to speak to him again. At this request, Del Pozo added: "But do not provoke her in meetings.". To this, the collaborator responded very annoyed: "Look Enrique, I'm going to explain something to you, darling," a response that was immediately interrupted by Enrique: Hey! Enrique Del Pozo, with all my respects. "

It was then that Avilés asked him to bring information and exclusives: "'Get to work! Fewer kidnappings and more work on this set. Headlines!". However, the veteran collaborator did not allow his partner to disrespect him and He blamed him that his three exclusives "are all lies".

These statements further angered Avilés: "In your life you question my work on this set. I eat balls like you every day." Then, Enrique exploded and remembered all the years that he has been working in the medium: "In the first place, In this profession I have worked with all the number 1s, which you would like. Have you worked with Hermida? No. Have you worked with Sardà? Do not".

But the controversial collaborator did not care about the curriculum of his partner, who stated that It belongs to the "time of the dinosaurs" and that he needed to tell "that he was kidnapped in Italy to become current".

And it was at this moment that Toñi Moreno wanted to intervene to reprimand Avilés: "The one I'm going to talk about now is me. What you call the 'age of the dinosaurs' is called professional baggage. I tell you, the professional career of this man is indisputable, like that of many who here have been working on the street all their lives. Respect people".

However, the presenter also wanted to value the work of Avilés: "You have surprised me with several exclusives and I love that you take care of your job site. But you have to be respectful, and you have not been. The stories that you have brought are very good and that is why you are still here, but we've caught you in 20,000 lies and you are healing yourself. "However, Avilés did not seem to feel very affected by these words and recalled that his information" passes the filter of the direction of the program "and that with his private life he does what he considers appropriate.


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