Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Toñi Moreno confronts Kiko Jiménez and Violeta in 'MYHYV'

There are days in Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) They are harder to tame than others. If not, tell it to Toñi Moreno, host of the dating show on the morning of Cuatro, who has had to silence Violeta and Kiko Jiménez after one disrespect which he has considered intolerable.

The situation has developed on Tuesday when the Andalusian made Violeta jump by commenting on a video of Crazy Camp The problem is that the viewers have not been able to know, since it has been produced while watching the video from home. However, already liveVioleta couldn't help crying.

"I can't stand Kiko saying we are jealous"

“I can't stand Kiko saying we are jealous, I don't know what, and that makes reference to our difference of chairs. I don't know what you think, when your time in a program has given videos but it's disgusting and regrettable. ” With these words Mangriñán pointed out that Jiménez made fun of her for selling her life better than the former Survivor 2019 contestant.

"I'm not going to let him laugh at me and my boyfriend and I don't know what you think about selling dirty rags of your life ”, she continued, offended, claiming that “they have also offered it to me but I said no. When he has nothing left to sell, what will he do? These statements have not liked the boyfriend of Sofía Suescun, who has said that "she has also done it, only as a child in a magazine and that makes her envious."

"Nobody here is more than anyone"

After this crossing of declarations, the presenter of the dating show of the mornings of Cuatro, Toñi Moreno, has launched to correct their collaborators by abroncing them for their behavior after Jiménez asked the director to cut the moment in the edition of the program .. “ Here nothing is going to be cut and less because you say so, ”the Andalusian snapped at them, explaining that in MYHYV“ there is a director who is the one in charge. And the money … has your ball gone?

"I want Jaén's uncle I met back," he asked Jiménez. "Are you more important because you charge more?" Moreno continued to insist that “Nobody here is more than anyone. We treat with the same respect a suitor, a tronista, an opinionist or you who have made this program great and we will not allow disrespect from anyone. ”

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