Tomy Rhode, the 'influencer' of the Andalusian countryside who has won a tractor thanks to social networks

Helena CortesMadrid Updated: 06/20/2022 04:43h

The Jaimito tractor is already in La Carlota (Córdoba). Its new owner, the Andalusian farmer Tom Rhode -digital pseudonym of the young Fernando Giraldo-, is still not believed to have new machinery thanks to a Twitter challenge, where every day, for more than two years, he recounts how his work is in the field to more than 35,000 digital countrymen.

With them, it also gives visibility to the daily problems of the sector, from prices to the difficulties in finding new land or obtaining subsidies to buy new machinery. Faced with their complaints, the Jameson whiskey brand picked up the gauntlet and decided that
I would give him a tractor
if it reached 10,000 'likes'. He got it in just a few hours, thanks to a legion of followers that he has been winning with his good humor and his country anecdotes.

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