Tomorrow 30% lower the tolls of eight of the 9 rescued highways

Toll rates for eight of the nine roads that have been broken and rescued by the State will be reduced by an average of 30% tomorrow and will be free to circulate between them between 0.00 and 6.00 am, measures that the Ministry of Public Works intends to encourage use and raise the income generated by these fast roads.

Users who pay with electronic devices (Tag) will benefit from bonuses of 18% in the case of light vehicles and 10% in the case of heavy vehicles.

The new rates will take effect tomorrow, Tuesday, on the Madrid R-2, R-3, R-4 and R-5 radios, the M-12 (Airport Axis), the AP-36 (Ocaña-La Roda) and in the sections of the AP-7 Cartagena-Vera and Circunvalación de Alicante.

After breaking the concessionaires that managed them, these toll roads reverted to the State between February and May of 2018 and became dependent on the State Company of Infrastructure of Land Transport (Seitt), which will soon also assume the AP-41, between Madrid and Toledo .

The Executive approved several legal changes so that Seitt can collect tolls on these highways once the concession contracts have expired, and can manage them until 2022. In parallel, it does not close the door to re-tender its management and maintenance, although it has not fixed terms or calculated the amount of the tender.

What should be fixed is the State's Patrimonial Responsibility (RPA) or what is the same, the amount that the State must pay the owners of the concessionaires, mostly funds that bought their debt, for the investment that was made in its day to build the roads and that was pending to be amortized when the concession contracts were settled in advance.

Last July, the Council of Ministers agreed on the resolution of the concession contracts for eight of the broken toll motorways and set a deadline of six months to calculate the RPA, which expired in January and has been tacitly extended. six months.


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