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This time it has rained, but not in the wet. The dreams of the organization and the public Extra Tomavistas they became a reality this Sunday in Madrid at the expected premiere of this musical event. A special event conceived by the Madrid festival that was trying, for the second time in less than a month, to get ahead. And they succeeded. The desire and the authorities allowed the live flame to be lit in a new venue, Ifema. A first day promoted by the platform Vibra Mahou and starring three women who filled the stage with purity: Natalia Lacunza, Dani and Ópera Primas DJ. A perfect mix of talent and future that shone with its own light for almost three hours and that made the 600 attendees travel elsewhere.

Natalia Lacunza on stage during the first day of Tomavistas.
Natalia Lacunza on stage during the first day of Tomavistas.

The illusion of being able to enjoy the live concerts again was stronger than the bad weather, and shortly after 8:00 p.m. access to the audience was opened. At 9:00 p.m., Dani from Vigo made her appearance on stage to offer a concert full of magic and illusion. Dressed in white, the young promise was able to animate the public with songs such as Hoguera Existel in which she naturalized her synthetic sound, and caused an inner journey with a very special mini acoustic concert and the interpretation of songs like Como used to believe, included in her album debut Twenty.

After her came the long-awaited performance by Natalia Lacunza, who, accompanied by her girl band, also dyed the show white, a concert in which she presented the songs from her second work, EP2. Boys, A otro lado or Llueve sounded together with other great songs from his previous work such as Nana triste or the incredible Black Cat. In addition, the Navarrese artist offered a complete menu of surprises, premiering live her new collaboration with the French band Videoclub, singing De Mi Para Ti, together with its author, María Blaya, covering songs such as '... Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears or Sen Senra's I don't need you anymore, and playing her latest song with Cariño, Modo Plane.

Natalia Lacunza and María Blaya interpret De mi para ti at Tomavistas.
Natalia Lacunza and María Blaya interpret De mi para ti at Tomavistas.

Ópera Primas DJ, on behalf of the Sala El Sol, was in charge of putting the soundtrack between performance and performance with a session that enlivened the attendees' contact with their new festival companions: the chairs and the safety regulations. And it is that although music was the main thing, there was an inevitable protagonist: the coronavirus. An external agent who was confronted with a mask, prohibiting smoking inside the enclosure and with temperature controls at the entrance, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, continuous cleaning of bathrooms, safety distance and food and drink service on the table.

A matter of commitment

After having canceled its programming on August 31, the Tomavistas Extra festival has returned to the load to celebrate new days on September 23, 24, 25 and 26 and next October 2. In this sense, the organization of the festival has been grateful to the "constant support of the public, bands, sponsors, collaborators and the strength of the entire music sector mobilized together to defend safe culture." From the event they have also highlighted that for months they have put "all their efforts to reactivate" live music and thus bring music closer to "in these hard times of uncertainty for everyone"

On September 23, the concerts of Los Punsetes, Hinds and Nueva Vulcano will take place, together with Wurli DJ (Wurlitzer Ballroom), and the next day (September 24) will arrive Dorian and LEO, with OchoyMedio DJ from OchoyMedio. Carolina During and Menta will perform on September 25, along with Say Yes DJ from Sala Maravillas, and Novedades Carminha and El cuerpo del Disco will do so on September 26, accompanied by Adrian Le Freak representing the Picnic and Tupperware rooms. All of them in Ifema. Finally, the final touch of this Tomavistas will be put on by Chucho on October 2 at the La Riviera room.

Tomavistas Extra: determination and courage


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