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José Mercé and Tomatito, tour Really

Circus Price, January 22, 2020

When, accompanied by a guide to avoid tripping in the dark, José Mercé He left the stage of Circus Price, it was clear from the outset that at this point in his career this accomplished singer brings his own echo that accompanies him. In any case, it is to be appreciated that to break the ice the teacher is tempered by hammers. Next, Mercé left the boards to go his compadre Tomatito whoever made his presentation with a version of The legend of time, the mythical theme that I recorded with Camarón at the end of the 70s. It would be the first tribute of the night. The beauty of the sound that Tomatito is able to take to the guitar was once more evident from the first moment, in this case between the verses of Lorca in the voice of Saúl Quirós and Kiki Cortiñas.

The concert was divided into three parts: a first song and guitar, a second with instrumental numbers by Tomatito and a third with the main themes of the album Really. There was, therefore, for all tastes. Listening to Tomatito accompanying the song without further ado is a luxury. If, in addition, the singer is a teacher like Mercé, we can be sure of being in front of a flamenco anthological couple of the last half century. The malagueña of the Twins, the soleá and the seguiriya were the sample left by these two artists to show their mastery in short and by right. The complicity between them is evident; The sonanta accompanies and supports the song with great care and extraordinary sensitivity. Without flaunting, Tomatito's touch is the perfect scaffolding for Mercé's singing. The peak in this part, the seguiriya topped by right. The purists, if any, already have what they were looking for.

In the instrumental part, Tomatito was accompanied by his son, José del Tomate, on guitar, and by the percussionist Lucky Losada. The guitarist dedicated the subject Too much to memory “Of the greatest in the history of the guitar”, that is, Paco de Lucía. On this subject, Tomato winked at the great teacher by introducing quotes from Between two waters. And after the rumba, the peak of this instrumental part; With the bulerías, Tomatito really managed to warm the atmosphere and put the public on their feet. Much merit has to leave just after this catharsis through bulerías to play a solo theme, as did José del Tomate. You have to have very mild nerves and be very sure of yourself to overcome that difficult test, and the Tomato boy far exceeded it by making a beautiful version of the Arabic dance of Sabicas. The cleanliness of the sound and the preciousness of the performance tell us that we are facing a guitarist with a great future. His right hand betrays him like an expensive guitarist. And Tomatito was proud to give him the alternative on this tour.

After the intense instrumental interlude, we attended the most predictable part of the concert, with the themes of the album Really that Mercé and Tomatito presented in the fall of 2018, and with which they have been touring since then. A zambra dedicated to Lola Flores, the bulería titled Looking for the truththe tangos World of peacethe bulería Mary, the party Sherry and the joys Saline they take us to the bises of rigor, Air Y At dawn. After almost two hours of concert, the audience that has practically filled the Circus Price is delighted. As in any good menu, all palates have been satisfied.


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