"Tomás Gimeno sent Beatriz one last memory, an evil characteristic of a depraved being"

About three months ago, on April 27, they disappeared Anna and Olivia with his father in Tenerife. The weather confirmed the worst of the scenarios to the grief of his mother and the shock of the country. The eldest, six years old, and the youngest, one and a half, had been killed by Thomas Gimeno.

The discovery of Olivia's body had already allowed investigators to confirm the worst of the news: the crime of vicarious violence committed by Gimeno "in order to cause inhuman pain to his ex-partner", and the girls' mother, Beatriz, as indicated in the judge's own order. This is also stated by Joaquín Amills, the spokesman for the two girls' family. It further reveals that in Spain "there are currently 40 minors missing due to parental abduction".

According to the spokesperson in an interview in the media Almería Hoy, "I had it perfectly planned." Also, before killing them, "He made little Olivia record an audio, asking her mother to collect some paintings". For Amills, "Tomás Gimeno sent Beatriz one last memory. An evil characteristic of a depraved being".

The also founder of the SOS Desaparecidos foundation believes that Tomás Gimeno's objective was to "punish his ex-wife by making him suffer with the disappearance of his daughters".

Amills draws a clear profile of these individuals, who do not "they become this type of abuser overnight". "Insults and threats are symptoms that we should not downplay, because they are always the prologue of the worst. Always training, and going to the Police and the courts", asks to "learn to unmask all the 'Tomás Gimeno' that exist".

On the death of Olivia and Anna, Joaquin Amills he admits that it was an ending that "they feared" but "hoped to discover the murderer." Along with the heartbreak that is felt, there is a certain state of "peace to which the certainty that the subject capable of perpetrating such an execrable crime is dead has contributed."

"He showed once again how coldly he had planned to the last detail when taking the dog to leave it at his parents' house".

Suicide "He had planned it from the beginning, and was clear that he had to do it at a point where neither his corpse nor that of the girls were ever found, because his objective was the suffering of Beatriz"explains the spokesperson.

"However, when the moment of truth arrived, he became afraid and began to think about what to do to escape. Later, when the Civil Guard of the Sea stopped him, he realized that it was impossible. He bought tobacco and charged his mobile , which continued to operate until 2:00. It was the time he spent deciding whether or not to end his life. ", ended.

Beatriz Zimmermann, the girls' mother Anna and Olivia, allegedly murdered by his father Tomás Gimeno and thrown into the sea, has thanked the Civil Guard and of all the professionals who have worked in the search for the bodies, especially the technicians of the scientific vessel Ángeles Alvariño, which on the afternoon of this Wednesday left the Canarian waters.

In a statement released through social networks, her family and friends, on behalf of Beatriz, have asked society to "never forget Anna and Olivia", noting that despite the "hard moments" lived in recent months, Beatriz has been able to move forward thanks to the "love" of all.


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