Tom Hiddleston explores the essence of Loki in the new Disney + series

Los Angeles (USA), Jun 7 (EFE) .- Marvel's most irreverent and elusive villain lands on television with "Loki", the new Disney + series that, according to actor Tom Hiddleston, explores the true essence of this charismatic character.

"What I love about this series is that here Loki appears deprived of everything that is familiar to him," he said Monday at a virtual press conference.

Hiddleston announced that in "Loki", which opens on Wednesday on Disney +, his role does not have his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth) next to him, he is very far from his homeland Asgard and also does not have all his powers.

"If you remove all those things that he has used to identify himself, what is left of Loki? Who is he? (...) What makes Loki Loki? Is there something authentic about him?" He wondered.

Arrogant as well as witty, self-centered but also charming.

Throughout six films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, in English), Loki has presented himself as a character straddling good and evil and now he has the opportunity to shine alone with the third Disney + series about these superheroes after the successful "WandaVision" and "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier).

Hiddleston surrounds himself in this new series of actors such as Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Wunmi Mosaku to shape a story in which ironic humor and a detective plot go hand in hand through jumps in time.


Within the increasingly convoluted mythology and chronology of the MCU, "Loki" part of a "flashback" in "Avengers: Endgame" (Avengers: Endgame, 2019) in which this character vanished after touching the tesseract (cube), a powerful contraption that allows teleportation.

From there, those responsible for the series "resuscitate" Loki, who had died in "Avengers: Infinity War" (2018), making him the protagonist of a plot that travels back and forth in time.

However, in his leaps from the past to the future he runs into a body of officials, as inflexible as they are funny, who are in charge of guaranteeing the correct flow of the chronology of the universe and that will remind Spanish fans of the adventures of "El time ministry ".

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and the main architect of the MCU, admitted that Loki's story had not been well closed with the last two Avengers films.

In addition, the creator of this new series, screenwriter Michael Waldron, pointed out that the element of time travel was "an opportunity for chaos and fun" around Loki.

For her part, the director of "Loki", Kate Herron, explained that David Fincher's films such as "Se7en" (1995) or "Zodiac" (2007) were very important for the series' aesthetics, especially in terms of history. mystery to be solved by the protagonist.


One of the great bets of "Loki" is the signing of Owen Wilson in the role of Mobius, an official of the time obsessed with order, a job well done and the usefulness of the administration.

Wilson said he was delighted to join the MCU and was surprised by the high level of "secrecy" that surrounds a Marvel production.

In addition, the American actor commented that the dynamic between Mobius and Loki, whose personalities could not be more different, develops in the series as if it were "a game of chess."

Contrary to the novice Wilson's fascination is Hiddleston's already very long experience as Loki, which began a decade ago with the movie "Thor" (2011).

The interpreter said that his character has "a huge range" and defended that there are always "new aspects" to learn from Loki.

In addition, Hiddleston mentioned the "complexity" that characterizes Loki and also thanked that, among the many characters in the Marvel films, his role has received much love among fans.

"There is no doubt that the reason they let me continue playing him is because Loki means a lot to many people and for many reasons," he said.

"A lot of people enjoy his playful nature, his spontaneity and the intrinsic sense of mischief he has. Some enjoy his antagonistic quality and others probably can't stand it. And I also know that there are people who are attracted to his vulnerability," he added .

For one reason or another, Loki's popularity is something that Hiddleston did not want to ignore and for this reason he assured that playing this character is "very gratifying" for him and "a great honor".


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