Tolls on state-owned motorways rise around 1.67%

Tolls on state-owned motorways rise around 1.67%

The rates of the toll motorways dependent on the General Administration of the State will rise around 1.67% as of tomorrow, January 1, the Ministry of Public Works has informed today.

From this rise are excluded the bankrupt toll roads that have reverted to the State and that is managed by the State Company of Land Transport Infrastructures (Seittsa).

In the case of these nine routes, the tolls are lowered by 30% and their use will be free between midnight and 6.00 in the morning.

According to the Ministerial Order approved by Fomento, the increase in the rest of the highways will range between 1.71% of the AP-66 Campomanes-León and 1.65% of the AP-7 in the Estepona-Guadiaro section.

This variation depends on the evolution of traffic with respect to the expected volume.

Three highways (AP-7 Alicante-Cartagena, AP-9, and AP-46 Malaga-Alto de las Pedrizas) will experience a greater increase, since they are added staggered increments previously planned to finance costs related to excess valuation of expropriations, execution of works or financing of bonuses.

The fares will go up 2.69% in the AP-7 Alicante-Cartagena and in the AP-46 Malaga-Alto de las Pedrizas, and 3.51% in the AP-9.


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