May 18, 2021

Toledo Cathedral: discover several pathologies

Toledo Cathedral: discover several pathologies

The tower of the Cathedral of Toledo presents certain pathologies, developed over the years, for rainwater, according to a report commissioned by the Cabildo Primate following the detachment of a cornice, after an episode of rains and strong winds occurred in October.

In particular, the action of water leads to volumetric losses in the cloths and surfaces of the area immediately below the level of incidence of rain, in addition to erode and deteriorate the joints of the stones due to runoff.

For the taking of data necessary to elaborate this report, a visual inspection has been carried out with vertical descuelgue and photographic documentation. It has had a team of specialists in vertical work techniques, with the aim of performing a detection of injuries and pathological processes and all this has been documented photographically. This intervention could have been carried out in a fast way and with the least possible impact on the building, since it allows the installation of temporary installations anchored to the fixed structure of the same and the assembly of scaffolds is avoided.

The inspection has focused on the first five bodies, up to a height of approximately fifty meters, with an approximate area of ​​2,650 square meters. Through this inspection, the points of potential weakness have been identified due to their architectural condition, such as friezes and cornices, which are the most exposed and weak elements; the orientation, taking into account the differences in sunlight and temperature, in addition to the exposure to prevailing winds and their condition.


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