Tokyo prosecutors announce new charges against Carlos Ghosn

Tokyo prosecutors announce new charges against Carlos Ghosn

Tokyo prosecutors announced today new charges against former president of Nissan Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested on November 19 in this capital for alleged irregularities in the declaration of income agreed with the company, local media reported.

The new charge, which joins two previous ones with different arrest warrants, is based on an alleged breach of aggravated trust that could have damaged Nissan Motor, according to public television network NHK.

According to the same source, this accusation is linked to Ghosn's alleged attempts to transfer 1.85 billion yen (14.5 million euros) to Nissan's accounts for losses in personal investments due to the financial crisis that erupted in 2008.

However, according to NHK, when the stock market regulator informed the bank involved in these transfers of the illegality of those intentions, Ghosn decided to back down.

The two previous charges accuse Ghosn of allegedly hiding from the millionaire authorities revenues he negotiated with Nissan Motor as of 2011 and that, according to local media, was expected to receive them once he left his duties at the head of the Japanese firm.

The decision of the Tokyo prosecution is known in the midst of versions that point to the possibility that Ghosn's lawyers will present a request for bail in their favor in the next few hours.

But with the announcement that the prosecution is expanding the charges against him the local media dismiss the possibility that Ghosn can leave the cell where he is to spend Christmas with his relatives.


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