September 26, 2020

Tokyo again records a daily number of infections over one hundred, 124

For the second day in a row, Tokyo today exceeded one hundred cases of COVID-19, registering a figure of 124, so the city authorities asked to redouble efforts to prevent a further escalation of the pandemic due to data that put risk the official intention to gradually return to normal.

“We have been counting more than a hundred people for two days after two months,” admitted Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike at a press conference, who is seeking re-election this Sunday in elections in which she is a clear favorite.

Although in recent days Tokyo was registering close to fifty diaries of infected persons, Thursday’s figure, 107 cases, and that of today unleashed new concerns among authorities because it represents a setback in official attempts to seek the “new normal” after the health alert ended.

The last time Tokyo had recorded more than a hundred daily cases of COVID-19 was on May 2, but the alarms went off with yesterday’s data, and today that number was exceeded again with the 124 infected infected.

Tokyo, a city of 14 million inhabitants, has registered 6,523 cases of coronavirus and 325 deaths to date, a third of the total recorded in the country in terms of the number of infected and deceased.

The Japanese capital is in the last stage of a process to recover its normal rhythm, after the restrictions on shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues set in late April.

But the data on Thursday and Friday have generated surprise, so Koike asked the Tokyoites to take special measures and avoid the places that pose the most risk, such as the heavily trafficked and densely populated areas of Shinjuku and Ikebukuru.

“The infection is spreading in restaurants with entertainment,” such as so-called “hostclubs” and “hostess clubs,” said Koike, who noted that 70% of those infected in recent days are between the ages of 20 and 39. years.


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