March 2, 2021

‘Todo el cielo’ unites island poetry with baroque poetry in the cycle ‘Música y Literatura’

The poetry of Todo el cielo opens next Thursday, February 18 at 7:00 p.m. this year’s edition of the Music and Literature cycle with which the Pérez Galdós Theater interrelates these two artistic disciplines. On this occasion, the literary part comes in the form of a selection of a score of Canarian authors from different periods selected by the professor of literature and Gran Canaria verifier Yeray Rodríguez; while the music for theorbo, guitar and timple is provided by Carlos Oramas, who won the award for Best Sound Space in the last edition of the Réplica Awards.

Mario Vega directs this show of one hour less productions, which premiered last September at the Ibero-American Stage Show (MEI) in Tenerife. Starring the actresses Marta Viera and Ruth Sánchez, the costumes are by Nauzet Afonso (nominated for the Réplica 2020 awards for this work), the lighting design is carried out by Ibán Negrín and the production direction by Valentín Rodríguez.

The eight islands

The selection of texts proposed by Yeray Rodríguez includes poems by María Valerón, Juan Jiménez, María Padrón, Domingo Rivero, Mercedes Pinto, Saulo Torón, Macarena Nieves, Pedro García Cabrera, Inocencia Páez, María Padrón, Pedro Lezcano, Elsa López, Manuel Padorno , Arturo Maccanti, Marcos Hormiga, Rafael Arozarena and Nicolás Estévanez, who according to those responsible for this production, represent the eight Canary Islands.

With regard to music, the other essential part of this project, the musician, composer and guitarist Carlos Oramas has opted to immerse himself in the baroque, a time when musicians sought to move the listener’s emotions.

Among the composers chosen for the Todo el cielo musical book are some of the most representative for string instruments of the time, such as R. de Visée, Gaspar Sanz, G. Kapsberger and Santiago de Murcia.

The presentation of the show reflects on the human being and the great questions that the poems convey. An immense common poem with questions that often remain unsolved and generate more questions to which we have the answer to All the Sky, which is the title taken from a poem by Arozarena.

Uniting the voices of all these poets in a choral piece, we may find the definitive question. For Yeray Rodríguez, this selection does not pretend to be an anthology of literary creation in the Archipelago, but rather another trace with which to respond to a path that will continue to lead us to new questions.


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