March 7, 2021

Today, thermal rise in the North Plateau, Ebro Valley, Cantabrian and Pyrenees

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) provides for today, Saturday, rising daytime temperatures on the North Plateau, the Ebro Valley, the Eastern Cantabrian and the Western Pyrenees, and on the decline in Galicia and the southern peninsular extreme.

In the north of Galicia and the Cantabrian, there will be intervals of low clouds in the first and last hours but little cloudy skies will predominate during most of the day.

Cloudy or clear sky in the rest of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, except for some low cloudiness at the beginning on the southeast coast and cloud evolution in mountainous areas of the north and east.

No occasional rain or thunderstorm is ruled out in the Cantabrian Mountains, the Pyrenees, eastern Iberia and the mountains of southeastern Andalusia. In the Canary Islands, cloudy or with cloudy intervals in the north of the islands.

Daytime temperatures rising on the North plateau, the Ebro valley, the eastern Cantabrian and the western Pyrenees, on the decline in Galicia and the southern tip of the peninsula. The minimums rise largely from the peninsular interior. A few changes in the rest.

Trade winds in the Canary Islands. In the rest, predominance of loose winds.

Prediction by Autonomous Communities:


GALICIA: A little cloudy or clear sky with some interval of high clouds, except cloudy with low early morning clouds in much of A Coruña, Lugo and southwest of Pontevedra, with fog and fog banks; at the end of the day they reappear with intervals of low clouds in the north. Minimum temperatures with few changes in the northwest and rising in the rest; maximums without changes or with some slight change. Loose wind predominantly northwest with more intense intervals on the west coast, although at the beginning it will be east on the north coast.

ASTURIAS: At the beginning, in the north, cloudy with low clouds and associated morning fogs and mists, tending to slightly cloudy or clear, as in the rest of the community, increasing in central hours in the Cordillera at intervals of clouds of evolution with probability of a scattered shower or storm during the afternoon; at the end of the day the low cloudiness will increase throughout the Principality, with mists and mists in the Cordillera. Minimum rising temperatures and maximum unchanged. Loose wind from the east on the coast and variable in the interior, rolling north component in central hours throughout the community.

CANTABRIA: Little cloudy or clear at the beginning, with intervals of high clouds at noon and cloudiness of evolution in mountain areas in the afternoon, increasing to cloudy from low clouds at the end of the day. Morning and evening mists that will occur in the late afternoon throughout the southern half. No isolated showers or thunderstorms in Liébana are ruled out. Increasing temperatures, light in general, more pronounced in the maximum of Campoo. Loose wind, from east and southeast tending west on the coast and north inside.

BASQUE COUNTRY: Little cloudy or clear, with some intervals of low clouds in the first and last hours. Morning and evening mists in high interior areas. Minimum temperatures without changes. Maximum temperatures rising, which in southern Gipuzkoa and northern Araba will be locally notable. Loose wind, of east component tending west in the coast and variable tending north in the interior.

CASTILLA Y LEÓN: Little cloudy or clear, with intervals of low clouds in the first half of the day in the northeast and cloudy during the afternoon, without discarding in the north scattered showers with storm, more likely in mountain areas. Low probability of mists and morning fog banks in the north. Temperatures in slight ascent in general. Winds from the North and Northeast at night, and tending to the West in the daytime, lazy.

NAVARRA: Clear, except for some interval of low clouds in the early and late hours in high areas of the northwest where some mists will occur. Minimum temperatures unchanged and maximum rising, locally noticeable in the northwest third. Loose wind variable, with a certain predominance of the southeast direction in the northwest quadrant, tending in the afternoon to north.

LA RIOJA: Predominantly cloudy or clear, with intervals of low clouds and a fog bank in the high Rioja in the first half of the day, and with cloudiness in the afternoon, without discarding a scattered shower with storm, more likely in the Iberian. Minimum temperatures without changes or in slight decrease, and maximum in ascent. Southeast or variable winds, tending to the north and northwest, loose.

ARAGÓN: Little cloudy or clear, with cloudiness of diurnal evolution in the Pyrenees and the Iberian, where no isolated rain or storm in the afternoon is ruled out. Temperatures with few changes or rising. Loose variable wind, tending to south and southeast.

CATALUÑA: Little cloudy or clear, with cloudy daytime evolution in the Pyrenees, where there is no discarded rain or isolated storm in the afternoon. Temperatures with few changes, except for some rise in the Pyrenean highs. Loose variable wind, predominantly the southern component during the day.

EXTREMADURA: Little cloudy or clear. Minimum temperatures in slight rise and maximums unchanged. Variable winds tending to southwest and west, loose.

MADRID: Clear. Temperatures unchanged, except for some slight local increases. Loose wind, predominantly from the northeast at the beginning and from the south and southwest in the afternoon.

CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: Clear, except for some cloud of evolution in the afternoon in high areas of Alcaraz and Segura, where an isolated shower is not ruled out, and in the Serranía de Cuenca. Temperatures without significant changes, except for some local increases that will be more widespread in the case of minimum levels in Cuenca and Guadalajara. Loose wind, variable in Toledo and Ciudad Real, southeast in Albacete and Cuenca, and northeast in Guadalajara, turning southwest in the afternoon less in Albacete.

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: Little cloudy or clear. Temperatures without changes. Loose variable wind, predominantly south and southeast during the day.

MURCIA: Cloudy or clear skies except low clouds and morning mists in the Segura and coastal vega. Clouds of evolution in the Northwest, where showers are not ruled out. Temperatures with few changes. Loose variable winds.

BALEARES: Cloudy or clear sky. Temperatures with few changes or slight decrease in the night and slight rise in the daytime. Loose wind and coastal breezes.

ANDALUSIA: Cloudy or clear skies except for intervals of low clouds on the Mediterranean coast. Cloudiness of daytime evolution in the eastern mountains, where no afternoon shower is discarded. Minimum temperatures without changes; maximums without changes in the Eastern interior and in slight decrease in the rest. Loose variable winds, with a predominance of the western component in the western half. West in the Strait.

CANARY ISLANDS: Cloudy in Lanzarote and to the north and northeast of the islands of greater relief, opening wide clearings in the afternoon. In Fuerteventura, morning cloud intervals decrease to slightly cloudy during the afternoon. In other areas, slightly cloudy or clear. Temperatures with few changes. North and northeast wind, with strong intervals on the southeast and northwest slopes. Prevalence of the breeze regime on southwest-facing coasts.

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