"Today there will be doctors with covid in the MIR exam and the fault lies with the Government"

Thousands of Spaniards are summoned this Saturday for the examination of Internal Resident Physician (MIR) and the rest of the disciplines of the Specialized Health Training (FSE), but there will be those who can not appear. The Ministry of Health has not reacted to requests from medical unions and other groups, which They have long been asking for alternatives for those who test positive for covid. The Government not only prohibits them from being examined, but also forces them to wait for the 2023 call, without giving other options as the health workers themselves have been demanding for months.

From the Medical Union of the C. Valenciana CESM-CV, its secretary, Víctor Pedrera, denounced this Friday to this newspaper the silence of the Government in the face of what it considers an "offense" for aspiring health residents. "The Administration should have provided mechanisms so that all students can take the exam," she explains.

"Just as voting has been enabled, and the quarantine has been lifted, in various electoral processes, we do not understand that similar measures are not enabled for the MIR for people who are infected and, at the same time, protect those who are not. That is, they would have enabled special classrooms," he explains.

It's late, because The 28,514 applicants to the MIR from all over Spain will start the tests this Saturday at 4:00 p.m.of which almost a ninth correspond to applicants from the Valencian Community. "There is no time for reaction, so we all know that it may be the case that students who may be positive do not take the test or take the test if they are asymptomatic, because there is a lot at stake. And it's the government's fault," he explains.

The coordinator of the MIR of the Spanish Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM), Sheila Justo, regrets the lack of sensitivity of the Government. "In the meeting we had with Health on December 22, we asked that the situation be reassessed, that there be alternatives for those positive for covid and they did not lose their right to examination. They said they were going to rethink it, but we didn't get an answer", he tells Levante-EMV.

"They have told us that many students have stopped going to the libraries, others have gone to study on other floors to be isolated. They have changed their lifestyle, but some still test positive. Ideally, with the justification of the doctor They would have given an alternative because it is a force majeure cause. I do not think that delaying 15 days is an advantage for them. I know because I have studied the MIR, "says the doctor. "A telematic option would have been another option. What we wanted are alternatives, but it is the Government that has to provide them"Add.

The Government, assures Sheila Justo, has left aside the doctors. "Many of those who show up responded to the Government's call for help in the pandemic, and suddenly the administration does not give them alternatives. This does not have a logical reading. There has been mistreatment from the beginning, because Health does not value the effort of the doctors", he explains, before leaving a conclusive fact. "There are fewer and fewer, the ratio has dropped. There is a flight of doctors and that is a consequence of how little we are valued," she adds.

The FSE entrance exams, which will consist of 200 questions plus 10 reserve questions, will begin at 4:00 p.m. and applicants will join the classrooms in a staggered manner starting at 3:00 p.m.

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