Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Today, temperatures are rising in most of the country

Today, temperatures are rising in most of the country

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) foresees for today, Saturday, rising temperatures in most of the country, with little cloud or clear skies and some intervals of low clouds in the north of the Canary Islands and in Galicia and the Cantabrian.

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Aemet expects that the arrival of a cold front in the extreme northwest of the peninsula will give cloudy or overcast skies and perhaps some weak precipitation on the coast of Galicia at the end of the day.

In the Canary Islands there is a possibility of calima, more likely in the eastern islands.

Temperatures will be rising in the Peninsula, which will be notable in the upper Ebro, Eastern Cantabrian and Navarra. The nocturnal also rise slightly except in the northern third where something falls. In the archipelagos they will remain unchanged.

The wind will be from the east on the Andalusian coast, with a moderate lift in the Strait, in the southwest in the Balearic Islands and the rest of the Mediterranean coast and the Northeast in the Canary Islands. Western component in the Bay of Biscay. Loose of variable direction in general in the rest.

Prediction by Autonomous Communities:


GALICIA: Low cloud with intervals of low clouds, increasing in the northwest half to cloudy or covered without weak fall discharges at the end of the day; fogs and morning fog banks are not ruled out either. Minimum temperatures rising in the southeast half and slightly decreasing in the northwest half; maximum in ascent in Lugo, in slight descent in the west coast and without changes or slight rise in the rest. Loose winds with predominance of the east and south component at the beginning, turning southwest during the morning; intensifying in the north coast where strong gusts could be registered at the end of the afternoon.

ASTURIAS: Partly cloudy with low cloud intervals, high during the first hours of the day tending to cloudy or covered at the end of the day in the western end. Mists and morning fog banks are not ruled out. Minimum temperatures without significant changes or in slight decrease and maximum without significant changes in the littoral and in ascent that in the Cordillera will be remarkable. Loose winds from the south turning to the southwest, intensifying at the end of the day on the coast.

CANTABRIA: Cloudy or cloudless with high cloud intervals during the day, increasing the cloudiness of the low type at the end, without discarding any haze. Minimum temperatures in ascent in the interior and without changes or with some descents in the littoral; maximum in ascent, light on the coast and locally noticeable in the interior. Weak and scattered frosts in the Cordillera. Slack wind from the southeast and east on the coast rolling in the afternoon to the west; in the interior, loose with predominance of the southwest.

BASQUE COUNTRY: Cloudy or cloudless with high cloud intervals during the day, increasing low-end clouds in the northwest. Probable fogs and morning fog banks in Araba. Minimum temperatures with slight changes; highs in remarkable rise, locally extraordinary in the interior of the northern provinces. Slack wind from the southeast and east on the coast rolling in the afternoon to the west and raging at the end; inside, loose south and southwest.

CASTILLA Y LEÓN: Cloudy or cloudless with high clouds, and with some cloudy intervals at the north and northwest ends. Mists and some morning fog banks are not discarded in the north. Temperatures rising or unchanged. Weak scattered frosts. Variable winds tending to the west and southwest, loose in general.

NAVARRA: Predominance of clear skies with some intervals of high clouds at noon. Some morning mists are not ruled out in the west. Minimum temperatures in descent in the southeast and with few changes in the rest; peak in remarkable climb, locally extraordinary in the far north. Weak and scattered frosts. Variable loose wind with predominance of the south and southeast during the day.

LA RIOJA: Cloudy or cloudless, with high clouds. Minimum temperatures without changes or slight decrease in the Valley and in slight rise in the Sierra, and maximum in ascent. Variable winds, set to the southwest in the Iberian and southeast in the Valley, loose.

ARAGON: Predominance of clear sky. Minimum temperatures in descent in the Ebro Valley and rising in the rest; maximum in generalized rise, locally notable in the province of Zaragoza. Low variable wind, with predominance of the southeast in the Ebro Valley and southwest in the Iberian.

CATALONIA: Predominance of clear sky. Mist and mist banks are not discarded at points along the coast, preferably starting in the afternoon. Minimum temperatures with few changes; maximum rise, except in the southern half of the littoral, where they will be similar or lower. Variable wind weak, tending on the coast to south and southwest weak to moderate from midday.

EXTREMADURA: Cloudy or clear. Temperatures in slight rise, except the maximum in the south that will remain unchanged. Variable winds, tending to the west or southwest, loose.

MADRID: Clear. Minimum temperatures in ascent, which will be more pronounced in the Sierra and maximum without changes in the Sierra and slight increase in the rest. Loose wind of variable direction, tending in the afternoon to west and southwest.

CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: Clear. Minimum temperatures in ascent that will be more pronounced in mountain areas and rising highs in La Mancha and Tajo valley, with little change in the rest. Loose wind of variable direction with predominance of the southwest in the afternoon.

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: Clear sky. Temperatures without changes or with local ascents. Variable wind loose.

MURCIA: Clear skies. Temperatures without changes or slight rise. Variable loose winds in breeze regime.

BALEARICS: Cloudy or cloudless sky. Possibility of some bank of morning fog. Nighttime temperatures in slight descent and diurnal without changes or in slight ascent. Generally weak winds, south and southwest.

ANDALUCÍA: Skies little cloudy or clear. Minimum temperatures in ascent and maximum in descent in Huelva, and without changes in the rest. Winds of component this loose, more intense in Cádiz, being variable during the day, turning in the afternoon to western component or southwest weak. Lift in the Strait, decreasing during the afternoon.

CANARY ISLANDS: Cloudy or generally cloudy, with some cloudy intervals in low areas of the north and east of the islands of greater relief in the first and last hours. Low probability of haze. Temperatures with few changes. Northeasterly wind to moderate in coasts, turning north in the afternoon, and loose east component in midlands.


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