Today, strong storms in the peninsular southeast and Extremadura

Today, strong storms in the peninsular southeast and Extremadura

Today there will be strong and persistent showers and storms on the Levantine, Mediterranean and Murcian coast, which will be accompanied by strong gusts of wind, without ruling out intense rains also in Extremadura, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) reported.

With less probability and occasional and dispersed, showers can occur in the rest of the Peninsula, especially in mountain areas, and in the archipelagos of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. On the contrary, in the peninsular northwest there is little chance of precipitation occurring.

Temperatures will increase in a generalized way in a large part of the Peninsula, especially in the central zone. In the Balearic Islands a slight increase is expected and significant changes are not expected in the Canary Islands.

The eastern component winds will predominate in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with strong gusts in areas of the South plateau and in the north coast of Alboran. In the Canary Islands, loose northern component winds that will decrease to loose variables.



– GALICIA: in the northern third of the Community, low cloud intervals with fogs and probable fogs at the first and last hours of the day. In the rest, clear skies will predominate, except in Ourense and in mountain areas of Lugo, where in the afternoon we expect cloudiness of evolution. Temperatures without changes. In the north, northeast wind with intervals of strong gusts in the littoral zone between Estaca de Bares and Fisterra, and in the interior, occasionally, the wind will tend to decrease. In the south, east and northeast wind, loose in general.

– ASTURIAS: predominance of cloudy skies in the morning with low clouds in most of the community, except for the high areas, and with a tendency to open clearings during the afternoon and to be little cloudy, except in lowland areas, where stay cloudy intervals. Morning mist, more likely in valley areas, without ruling out a bank of fog in the early hours. Temperatures without changes. Variable loose wind, which will tend to east component. On the western coast, in the afternoon, the most intense east wind is expected.

– CANTABRIA: cloudy skies with predominance of low clouds that will tend to clear in the afternoon, except in the south and southeast. Do not discard fogs and morning fog banks at the beginning and end of the day, nor any weak precipitation in the center and southeast. Temperatures in general without changes, although with some light ascents in the maximums and some slight descents in the minimums. Slack wind from the west and northwest that will roll northeast and east and will tend to vary in the interior in the afternoon.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: cloudy skies with predominance of low clouds, which tend to open clearings in the afternoon, without ruling out fogs and morning fog banks at the beginning and end of the day. Weak precipitation will be likely in Álava, which could extend northward with less intensity and frequency, and will tend to subside during the day. Minimum temperatures with few changes and increasing maximums. In the north and coastal interior, weak west wind that will roll at noon to north and then to east. In the rest, loose wind of northern component that will roll to east component.

– CASTILLA Y LEÓN: in the east and south, cloudy skies with showers, which can be strong and with a storm in the extreme south, and will tend at the end of the day at cloudy intervals. In the rest, cloudy intervals to little cloudy. Low clouds in large areas, which in mountain areas will cause mists that can be dense. Minimum temperatures with slight changes, and maximum in slight rise. Winds from the northeast to the east.

– NAVARRA: in the northwest, cloudy sky with low clouds without ruling out some weak precipitation at the beginning of the day, which will tend to little cloudy sky. In the rest, cloudy with weak, more probable and intense rainfall in the southeast, which will tend in the afternoon to remit and in clear skies. Minimum temperatures without changes in the northwest and in descent in the rest and maximums that rise in the northwest, lower in the southeast and change little in the rest. Slack northwest wind that will roll east component at noon and tending to variable.

– LA RIOJA: sky covered with weak precipitations that will tend to little cloudy, in the valley in the afternoon. In the Iberian, cloud cover will cause fog banks. Temperatures without changes. Loose winds of east component.

– ARAGÓN: covered sky that will tend to reduce the cloudiness at the end of the day. Rainfall is expected from the first hours of the day, which in the afternoon will be restricted to the north and south thirds and will tend to refer to the night. Temperatures with few changes, except in the southern third where the maximums will rise. Low variable wind with predominance of the eastern component.

– CATALONIA: covered sky that will tend to reduce cloudiness at the end of the day. In the southern half, showers accompanied by storms in the first half of the day, especially in Tarragona, where they can be strong. In the Pyrenees rainfall is expected in the afternoon, which is not ruled out in the rest of the Community. Temperatures without changes. East and northeast wind loose, with moderate intervals on the coast.

– EXTREMADURA: cloudy intervals that will increase to a covered sky with showers accompanied by a storm, which can be strong in the north and east. Unchanged minimum and maximum temperatures slightly rising. Winds from the east.

– MADRID: cloudy skies with weak rains and scattered showers, more likely and frequent in the Sierra. Temperatures with increases in the maximum. Loose winds of east component with a strong streak in high areas of the Sierra.

– CASTILLA – LA MANCHA: cloudy skies will predominate with some sporadic clearings, without discarding fogs and fog banks in high areas of the eastern end. Rainy, weak in general, and strong showers accompanied by storms in the extreme south. Minimum temperatures with slight changes and maximum increases. Loose winds of east component with more intense intervals in the central hours of the day and possibility of very strong gusts in high or specially exposed areas of the southern half.

– VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: sky covered with precipitations, that can be strong and persistent and accompanied by storm. Minimum temperatures without changes and maximums in ascent in Castellón and Alicante and without changes in Valencia. East and northeast wind weak to moderate.

– MURCIA: skies covered with showers and generalized storms, which will be strong and persistent, without discarding that they are very strong in the Guadalentín Valley, Lorca and Águilas. Minimum temperatures in ascent and maximum without changes, except in the littoral and the Altiplano, where they will ascend. Winds of east component, strong in the littoral and high zones.

– BALEARES: cloudy intervals with some strong scattered showers, without ruling out morning mists. Night temperatures in descent and diurnal in slight ascent. Winds from the east and northeast.

– ANDALUCÍA: skies covered with showers accompanied by storms, more intense and frequent in the eastern third and the Mediterranean littoral, where they are expected to be strong and persistent and do not rule out very strong storms in the provinces of Malaga and Almeria. Minimum temperatures in ascent in the Mediterranean coast and eastern third and in slight rise in the rest. Strong winds of east component, with very strong gusts in the Mediterranean coast and eastern high areas and lift in the Strait.

– CANARY ISLANDS: cloudy intervals that will leave a cloudy sky at the end of the day. In areas of the interior of the islands of greater relief, cloudy with cloudiness of evolution. Low probability of weak precipitation in the north of the islands of greater relief more likely during the second half of the day, especially in La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria, where it is not ruled out that they can be locally moderate. Temperatures with few changes. Wind from north to northeast at dawn that will tend to variable wind loose the rest of the day.


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