Today, slight decrease in temperatures in the peninsula

Today, slight decrease in temperatures in the peninsula

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) announced today, Thursday, a slight decrease in daytime temperatures in the Iberian Peninsula, except in the Ebro valley, points north of Castilla y León and the south of the peninsula.

Despite the drop in values, temperatures will continue above the usual values ​​for the time in the south of the Peninsula and in the Canary Islands.

The sky will be covered in the extreme north of the peninsula, with a probability of weak and scattered rains in the eastern end of the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenees; In the rest of the country, stable weather is expected without precipitation, with a predominance of little cloudy sky.

Probability of nocturnal and morning fogs on the peninsular Atlantic slope, the upper Ebro and the depressions of Huesca and Lérida; In addition, there will be calm in the Canary Islands.

The wind will blow from the southwest in Galicia, from the southeast in the Canaries and from the northwest in the Ebro valley, the Ampurdán and Baleares, and with weak intensity, in general, in the rest of the country.



GALICIA: in the southern half a sky with low clouds is expected, without ruling out some weak and scattered rain in Pontevedra at the beginning of the day. Possibility of clearings in the afternoon, especially in the east. Predominance of little cloudy sky in the northern half. Probability of fog and fog banks inside in the morning. The temperatures will present slight changes and the minimum ones at the end of the day, except in the northwest coast. The wind will blow loose, from the southwest, in the northern half and will be more intense in the littoral, where it will blow more intensely towards the end of the day. In the southern half, variable weak wind with predominance of southern component.

ASTURIAS: Cloudy sky in general, except in the southwest, where it will be cloudy, with low clouds at the beginning of the day. Morning mists are also likely. Falling temperatures are expected, slightly, except for the minimum ones that will rise slightly in the extreme northwest. The wind will be loose, of variable direction, something more intense in the west direction in the western littoral.

CANTABRIA: cloudy sky without discarding weak rains or drizzles on the eastern coast during the early morning, which will decrease to little cloudy or clear in the afternoon. Morning fogs and fog banks are expected in the southern valleys, with a low probability of spreading to the rest of the autonomous community. Temperatures will fall, except the maximum on the coast, which will remain with few changes. Weak frosts will occur in high areas of Campoo, and the wind will be weak, of variable direction with predominance of the southern component towards the end of the day.

BASQUE COUNTRY: cloudy skies with probable weak rains or occasional drizzles, during the first half of the day in Guipúzcoa and the coast of Vizcaya. Throughout the morning the rainfall will cease and the cloudiness will decrease. In Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa there will be cloudiness at intervals, and in Álava there is the possibility of clear skies, where fogs and morning fog banks can also be produced, without discarding them in the rest. Temperatures will fall in much of the region. It is expected weak wind, variable direction and with predominance of southern component.

CASTILLA Y LEÓN: little cloudy sky with low clouds. Mists and mists on the plateau that can be locally persistent. Minimum temperatures without changes or in slight decrease and maximum in slight rise in the northwest and in descent in the rest, although conditioned by the persistence of the mists. Weak frosts scattered in mountain areas. Variable loose winds.

NAVARRA: cloudy sky in the northern half with weak rain or drizzle in the Cantabrian slope during the first half of the day, which will probably extend more occasionally to the Pyrenees, where snow will be above 1600 meters. The precipitations will cease throughout the morning, with a decrease of the cloudiness in the Cantabrian slope and in the rest. Mists and morning fog banks are not ruled out in the northern half. Minimum temperatures in descent in the northern third and with slight changes in the rest and maximum decreases in the Pyrenees and mountains of the northwest and increasing in the southern third. Weak frosts at high levels of the Pyrenees. Variable loose wind tending to northwest.

LA RIOJA: little cloudy sky with low cloud cover. Probability of mists and fogs. Falling temperatures, except the maximum ones in the Ribera, which will experience an ascent. Weak frosts in the Iberian. Winds from the west to the north, loose.

ARAGÓN: in the Pyrenean divide, cloudy skies in the morning without ruling out weak precipitations. In the rest, little cloudy with intervals of high clouds. In the depression of the Ebro, locally thick morning mists and low cloud intervals. Minimum temperatures in light descent except fog zone; maximum with increases in points of the depression of the Ebro and local declines in the rest. Low western component wind, with moderate northwest intervals in the Ebro valley.

CATALONIA: in the Aran valley, cloudy sky, without ruling out weak precipitations in the morning. In the rest, cloudy intervals. Some fogs and morning fog banks in the interior, locally thick and persistent in the central depression. Minimum temperatures with few changes; maximum with ascents in points of the depression of Lérida and local descents in the rest of the interior, more accused in the Pyrenees. Low variable wind with moderate northwest intervals in Tarragona and the north coast of Gerona.

EXTREMADURA: clear or little cloudy sky, with fogs, fogs and low clouds, especially in the valleys of the Tagus and Guadiana. Temperatures without changes or with slight variations. Variable loose winds.

MADRID: predominance of clear skies or with some interval of high clouds, with probable mists, banks of fog and low morning strata in the valleys of the southeast and extreme south. Temperatures with few changes, with decreases predominating. Variable loose winds.

CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: predominance of clear skies, with probable fogs, fog banks and low morning strata mainly in the Alcarria, valleys of the Tagus and Guadiana and La Mancha, and with intervals of high clouds in the afternoon in the northern half. Falling temperatures. Variable loose winds in the western half and with predominance of the northern component, more intense, in the eastern half.

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: cloudy or clear sky. Minimum temperatures without major and maximum changes with local decreases in the interior. Variable wind loose.

MURCIA: little cloudy or clear sky. Temperatures unchanged or locally in descent in the interior. Winds of west or northwest component loose, with a tendency to loose variables in the afternoon.

BALEARIC ISLANDS: little cloudy sky. Mists and fog banks until first thing in the morning. Temperatures with few changes. Loose winds from the southwest tending during the early morning to northern component.

ANDALUCÍA: cloudy or cloudless sky, except north of Córdoba and Jaén, area of ​​the Strait and Melilla where low morning clouds, mists are expected, without discarding banks of fog. Temperatures with few changes, except minimum locally in decline in the eastern interior, and maximum in decline in Sierra Morena. Winds of northeast component loose in the western third, and loose variables in the rest, tending in the afternoon to east component in the western Mediterranean coast.

CANARY ISLANDS: Cloudy or cloudless sky, with intervals of high clouds on the islands of greater relief. Presence of haze. Temperatures without changes. East component wind in coasts, which will blow southeast direction and moderate to strong intensity in medium and high areas, without ruling out a punctually very strong streak in the northeastern regions of Tenerife and El Hierro early in the day.


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