Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

today one does not act; tomorrow maybe

Rarely has fiction shaped, with as much literary success and dramatic efficacy as “An enemy of the people”, the ease with which immorality is in democracy when it crouches under the protective umbrella of the majority. This memorable work by Ibsen released in 1883 basically tells the discouraging story of Dr. Stockmann, a distinguished member of a community in which, however, he will fall out of favor when he tries to warn of the danger of contaminated water in a spa that serves as the hub of the economic and social development of an entire city. Starting from the original Norwegian text, but taking it to that pseudo-reality field through which he has been traveling in his last shows, the director Àlex Rigola again breaks the fourth wall and blur the border between the fictional characters and the actors who interpret them in a proposal that, in addition, seeks to challenge the viewer directly to make him reflect on current affairs and on the role he can play in it as an active member of society. «Maybe I should not tell much in this regard, because I think it is one of the surprises of the show, but I can say that the work begins with a kind of reflection, raised directly to the public, which is related to the history of Ibsen that It’s going to count next. Then, we invite the public again to think about everything they have heard and to participate. That is why the word ‘‘ agora ’’ has been added to the title of the function, because we try to turn the theater into a kind of assembly. It is explained by the actor Israel Elejalde, in charge of giving life no less than to Stockmann: «You can say that on stage I am Israel –explains the interpreter–, and my colleagues [Irene Escolar, Nao Albet, Óscar de la Fuente y Francisco Reyes] they are also themselves, that is, some interpreters who go to the public to tell them the story of Ibsen. There is a diffuse line between the actor and the character. In some way, we try to ensure that it is not clear where Isra ends and where Stockmann begins, and in the same way with the rest of the actors and characters ». Little more does Elejalde want to reveal about the dramaturgy; however, it has already transpired that the reflection of the principle gives the public the ability to decide where they want the function to go, and can even cause it not to be represented, as it happened in the first attempt: «With 43 votes in favor and 38 against, the public attending the general rehearsal has decided to suspend the function as a vindictive act in favor of freedom of expression, ”said The Pavón Kamikaze Theater on Tuesday night. So, will we have to vote against our principles to achieve the initial objective of seeing the work? Probably, whenever you want to enter the game proposed by Rigola, Elejalde and the rest of the cast.


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