"Today more than ever there is a path of hope" in Venezuela

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, was convinced this Saturday that "today more than ever there is a path of hope" for Venezuela "to recover its freedom" and democracy.

During a meeting with his countrymen held at the International University of Florida (FIU) in Miami, Duque said that what Venezuela is experiencing is "dramatic" and criticized the president of that country, Nicolás Maduro, a person who, he said, "persecutes and destroy. "

"When the possibility of eating and receiving medicines is taken away from a people, it is a persecution," said Duque, referring to the blockade of international aid imposed by Maduro, while greeting the consensus of the "entire hemisphere, which calls things by name. "

"Latin America for a long time looked the other way when the drama of this dictatorship was incubated," said Duque, who insisted that Venezuela "is a cause of all", and that "the region needs the end of the dictatorship, a transition government and free elections. "

After receiving from an assistant, and by way of thanks "from the decent Venezuelans", a flag of this country with signatures of members of this community, the president defended today that progress has been made in the fight against the "Venezuelan dictatorship", between they the activation of the Reciprocal Assistance Treaty (TIAR), a sort of Latin American NATO.

"I sometimes see with sadness challenging questions, which suggest doubts," he said, along the same lines as Friday, when during a colloquium with journalist Andrés Oppenheimer in this city he asked "not to lose perseverance and intensity."

At the meeting Duque answered questions about topics of interest to Colombians abroad and said that new consular services will soon be launched, in addition to defending the priority of mobile consulates.

"We have to be as digital as we can," he stressed about future consular services, and then point out that they work with the United States for an agreement on double taxation, as the Andean country has already signed with France, Italy and Spain.

He also said that during his administration he wants to bring the contribution to GDP of science and technology to 1.5%, a goal for which he invited the private sector to be a "key player".

He stressed that there are support measures for those wishing to return to Colombia and highlighted his position in favor of renewable energy, for which he wants to move from current 0.10% to 10% environmental projects.

After participating in the United Nations General Assembly in New York, in which he spoke on Wednesday, Duke culminated this Saturday with a two-day visit in Miami, where he intervened in a colloquium with Oppeheimer and inaugurated a "Colombian Sculpture Garden "in a park in the south of the city.

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