July 29, 2021

Today, locally strong rainfall in Galicia, Castilla y León and Extremadura

Today, locally strong rainfall in Galicia, Castilla y León and Extremadura

Rainfall is expected this Sunday in Galicia, Castilla y León and Extremadura, which may be locally strong or persistent, while in the Mediterranean area the stable weather will prevail, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) reported yesterday.

The rains will be strong in the south of Galicia, southwest of Castilla y León, and north of Extremadura; and in a weaker way they will occur in other parts of the Atlantic slope, being able to extend, in a weaker and more dispersed way, to the Bay of Biscay, the upper Ebro, Navarre and western Pyrenees, and in nearby areas it is not excluded that they occur in isolation.

In the Mediterranean area the stable weather and the little cloudy sky will predominate.

In the Canary Islands, skies with cloudy intervals, without ruling out occasional weak rain in the north of the islands of more relief.

There will be morning fogs or fog banks on the Atlantic slope and the Pyrenees.

Temperatures will increase in the interior of the peninsular southeast half and the Balearic Islands; while in the rest there will be great changes.

The north wind will blow in the Canaries and south and west in a good part of the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands; probable intervals of strong in areas of Galicia, Cantabrian Mountains and Pyrenees.



– GALICIA: cloudy or overcast sky, with generalized and persistent precipitation that will remit in the west at the end of the afternoon, without discarding that they can be locally strong in the south, occasionally with a storm. Probable fogs and morning fog banks. Minimum temperatures in descent; maximum with few changes. Wind from the southwest and the south without ruling out very strong gusts at the beginning in the southwest and northeast, as well as in the A Coruña coast, weakening the west weak and tending to variable at the end.

– ASTURIAS: covered sky, with rains and showers more intense and frequent in the western half in the morning, scattered in central hours, and generalized and persistent in the afternoon. Probable fog and morning fog banks. Temperatures with few changes. Wind of southern component, with probable strong intervals in high areas at dawn, slowing to variable lows.

– CANTABRIA: cloudy sky with low clouds in the southwest and medium and high cloud intervals in the rest, increasing in the afternoon in cloudy or overcast, with rains and generalized showers that will start in the morning in the southwest extending to the rest by the late, being more intense and frequent in the southwest. Temperatures with few changes. South wind component with very strong gusts, loosening in the afternoon to loose south and variable on the coast.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: sky with medium and high cloud intervals tending to cloudy or overcast, with weak rains and showers during the afternoon, more likely and intense in the west, tending at the end of the day to remit and decrease cloudiness. Temperatures without changes or with some light ascents. Wind of southern component with probable strong gusts at the end in the mountains of the east.

– CASTILLA Y LEÓN: sky covered with rainfall, widespread in the second half of the day. They may be locally strong in the western end, and persistent in the southern slopes of western mountain areas. At the end of the day, the skies tend to cloudy intervals in the extreme east, where the precipitations remit. Minimum temperatures without changes, or in slight decrease in the southwest, and maximum in slight decrease in general, except in the east end in slight rise. Southwesterly wind, with intervals of mountain forts during the first half of the day, turning south and southeast later, and decreasing in intensity.

– NAVARRA: Cloudy sky or covered mainly with medium and high clouds, with probable scattered light rains and occasional showers, subsiding at the end of the day and decreasing the cloudiness. Minimum temperatures without changes or rising, more pronounced in the Ribera; maximum without changes in the Ribera and in rise in the rest. Wind from the south and southeast, with probable strong gusts in high areas of the northern third, more frequent in the afternoon.

– LA RIOJA: cloudy sky covered with precipitation, especially in the second half of the day and in the Iberian, in the valley will be more occasional. Temperatures without changes or slight rise. Wind from southwest to south in the Sierra, with intervals of strong at dawn, and southeast in the Ribera.

– ARAGÓN: in the Pyrenees and Cinco Villas, cloudy sky with probable rainfall. In the rest, cloudy intervals, more compact during the first half of the day, without ruling out weak, occasional and scattered precipitations. Rising temperatures. Wind between loose and moderate, southwest in the Iberian and east and southeast in the rest. In high levels of the Pyrenees, moderate south wind with strong gusts at the last minute.

– CATALONIA: in the western Pyrenees, predominance of cloudy sky without ruling out some weak and occasional precipitation; in the rest, a little cloudy sky rising at the end of the cloudy day in the littoral and pre-littoral. Mist fogs and morning banks in areas of the interior. Rising temperatures. On the northern littoral, moderate south and southwest winds; in the rest, a weak variable tending to a loose southern component with moderate intervals in high areas of the interior.

– EXTREMADURA: cloudy sky or covered with precipitation, widespread in the second half of the day, locally strong and persistent in the north, especially in the vicinity of the Central System. Temperatures in slight rise. South wind.

– MADRID COMMUNITY: in the Sierra, cloudy or overcast, with generally weak rain and showers. In the rest, cloudy or covered, with probable weak precipitations and squalls, diminishing in the afternoon to little cloudy or cleared. Mists and morning fog banks are not discarded in high areas. Minimum temperatures on the rise, which will be slight in the minimum and more pronounced in the maximum. Slack wind, from the southwest turning south in the afternoon.

– CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: cloudy or overcast at first, tending to gradually clear throughout the day from the southeast to the northwest. Showers and showers in western Toledo, which may be locally strong and persistent, and likely to spread to the rest of the northwestern half, dropping from midday. Mists and morning fog banks are not discarded in high areas. Increasing temperatures, being locally noticeable in the highs in the south. Winds from the southwest turning south, generally weak, being more intense in Guadalajara and in the Serrania de Cuenca.

– VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: in the interior of the northern half, cloudy intervals at the beginning, without discarding any weak precipitation at dawn, tending to a little cloudy sky. In the rest, cloudy or cloudless sky increasing to cloudy at the last minute on the coast of Castellón. Rising temperatures. Loose to moderate west wind tending to loose variable in the afternoon.

– MURCIA: little cloudy or clear sky, with intervals of low clouds and fogs at the last hours. Temperatures without changes or slight rise. Wind of western component weak, tending in the afternoon to loose southwest.

– BALEARES: cloudy or clear skies, with intervals of low clouds, fog and the possibility of fog banks at night. Rising temperatures. Southwest wind turning during the afternoon to the south.

– ANDALUCÍA: cloudy sky with predominance of low clouds in the western half and Jaén, tending to little cloudy in the afternoon except in the western third; Little cloudy or clear in the rest. Weak and scattered rains are expected in the western third, more probable and intense at the end of the day in Huelva. Mists with probable morning fog banks in the interior and the Atlantic littoral. Temperatures in rise, more pronounced in the highs in the eastern interior and the minimums in the western half. South or southwest component winds in the western half intensifying in the afternoon; loose variables in the rest. Poniente loose in the Strait, tending to variable

– CANARY ISLANDS: in the north of the islands of greater relief, cloudy tending at cloudy intervals, with low probability of weak, occasional and scattered rains in the early hours. In the rest of the zones, cloudy intervals. Chance of showers late in La Palma. Temperatures without changes or slight increase in the maximum. Northeasterly to moderately northeast wind that will turn northwest at the end.


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