February 26, 2021

Today it is cold in the PP

Luis Bárcenas says that one fine day in 2009, Mariano Rajoy, in his office, took what we would all later know as ‘Bárcenas’s papers’ and put them in a shredder. This is how the ex-treasurer of the PP tells it to the Anticorruption Prosecutor in writing. Rajoy did not know that Bárcenas kept another copy, which would come to light years later.

Bárcenas also confirms, for the first time, that the Government of Aznar awarded large works in exchange for “a percentage” of money that went to box B of the PP.

And more. The confession of the ex-treasurer involves two people who hold public office. According to him, senators Javier Arenas and Pío García Escudero, who is also the interim president of the PP in Madrid, received bonuses of that irregular money.

Ignacio Escolar has written one of those articles in which he reels paragraph by paragraph the confession of Bárcenas and its context. Yesterday afternoon he had one of those important meetings that newspaper editors have, but he called to cancel. I needed time to write this and you will need time to read it, but it is worth it.

Portugal, in critical condition

Do you remember when we looked at Portugal because of the low level of coronavirus infections it had? We analyzed their policies to find the key to success. A few months later, Portugal is on the verge of collapse and is experiencing its worst moment, with an incidence of the virus above 2,000 in Lisbon. Half of the accumulated deaths since the beginning of the pandemic have been registered in the last month. Why? Here we try to explain, but it is a mix between relaxation of the measures and a strong impact of the variants of the virus that come from Brazil and the United Kingdom.

For fear of those figures, Spain and Portugal have the border closed. That in some areas is like splitting coexistence and livelihoods in two. Our reporter Víctor Honorato has been in the south of the province of Ourense. Galicia and Portugal live back to back.

“Estercolero moral”

Pellets, machetes, kicks, blows to the head … The escalation of racism in the Canary Islands must be taken seriously. Our partner Gabriela Sánchez have spoken with people who have suffered assaults in recent weeks by organized groups that have been emboldened by the heat of the protests in Gran Canaria against the arrival and reception of immigrants.

Meanwhile, in Congress, Vox has pronounced one of the most xenophobic speeches I remember. He knows that out there he has a vote to hunt down on the Catalan right facing the 14F. Although Pedro Sánchez he did not know how to react, the far-right party has found itself the rejection of all parties in Congress, even by the PP and Ciudadanos, and especially forceful responses such as that of Iñigo Errejón, who has called Vox a “moral dunghill” in a speech applauded from different areas of the hemicycle.


Don’t let it pass you

  • Dying from coronavirus before the second dose. What anger this story produces, that of a 57-year-old woman who had managed to avoid the virus, and just a few days after receiving the first dose of the vaccine because she was a person at risk, she became infected. Has died.
  • Journalism with consequences. That you know that after the publication in elDiario.es of the testimony of six women pointing to the filmmaker Luis María Ferrández, the Francisco de Vitoria University where he is a professor has reacted quickly: opens investigation and suspends you from employment.
  • Supermario Draghi. Italy has signed a prime minister, like someone who changes coach because they don’t want to change players. There it goes a profile of Mario Draghi, the idol of the Italian bourgeoisie who will have to save the country again.
  • Mental health. One of the worst consequences of the pandemic is suffering our mental health. We have spoken with the neuroscientist Facundo Manes who warns directly of “An anxiety pandemic.”


Things i didn’t know

  • I had no idea how the numbers of the portals are organized in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a little crazy. With the city’s boom 150 years ago, people were allowed to choose their house number. Freedom first, you know. Imagine the chaos and the number of duplicate addresses. It was patched up and now the huge neighborhood is dotted with absurd addresses and portals numbered like the one in the photo, 78 1/2 Norman Avenue. I have seen it in this wonder from the New York Times.
  • I didn’t know that the gold rush it had reached the Almería desert at the end of the 19th century. Near what is now a frequent tourist destination, the beaches of Rodalquilar del Cabo de Gata, there are still the remains of the mines. After the Civil War, Franco set up a Falangist social experiment there, a self-sufficient bubble. It is an interesting story that can be heard in RNE Documents.
  • I didn’t know what LoFi music was and I did not know that it was booming because people put it in the background to study or work. It is a relaxed but rhythmic and bass type of music, sometimes with deliberate imperfections. I got to her via Nanissimo. There are entire lists on YouTube or Spotify. I have written today’s newsletter listening to this.

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