Today, fogs in the north and east of the peninsula and stable weather in the rest

Today, fogs in the north and east of the peninsula and stable weather in the rest

The State Agency of Meteorology (AEMET) foresees for today, Friday, mists that could be locally persistent in the northern plateau, valleys of the southern plateau and Extremadura, and depressions of Lleida and Huesca, and stable weather in most of the Peninsula.

The sky will be cloudy or covered with rains in the Cantabrian area and northwest of Navarra, without discarding it in the northern coast of Galicia, high Ebro and scattered points of the southeast coast and the Balearic Islands, being more likely in Menorca.

Intervals of low clouds in the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean coast. In the rest, stable weather and slightly cloudy skies, although with fogs and low clouds in the northern plateau, valleys of the southern plateau and Extremadura and depressions of Huesca and Lleida, where they may be locally persistent, with possible rill in points of Castilla and Leon.

Daytime temperatures will be declining in the Cantabrian and mountain areas of the Peninsula, and rising in the valleys of the Duero and Ebro, with frosts on both plateaus and mountain areas.

The winds will be trade winds in the Canary Islands, east on the Andalusian coast and northern component in Galicia, third northeast of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Predominance of loose in the rest.


GALICIA: Cloudy, decreasing in the afternoon to little cloudy. Do not rule out some weak precipitation in the morning in A Mariña and the north end of A Coruña. Mist and morning fog banks in the interior during the morning, and afternoon fog in the north of Lugo at the end of the day. Minimum descending temperatures that will be reached at the end of the day; the maximums in general are maintained with few changes, only specific increases in the southern half. Wind from the north and northwest weak, increasing in the afternoon on the Atlantic coast and rolling northeast throughout the Community.

ASTURIAS: Clouded or covered skies, with generally weak rains in the eastern half, more probable and intense in the first half of the day, and without discarding them in the rest. Snow level between 1,800 and 2,000 meters. Minimum temperatures on the rise, except in high levels of the Cordillera where they will remain with few changes. Maximum temperatures in descent, except in the western end and in the littoral where they will remain with few changes. Weak frosts very punctual in high levels of the Cordillera. Loose winds with predominance of the northern component in the interior and west in the littoral.

CANTABRIA: A little cloudy at dawn rising to cloudy or covered with weak rains, less likely in the southwest. Probable banks of fog or evening mist in high areas. Minimum temperatures with few changes; maximum in descent. Weak frosts in high areas of the Cordillera. Slack wind from the west on the coast, rolling north at the end; loose northern component wind in the interior.

BASQUE COUNTRY: Predominance of cloudy skies with weak rains in Guipúzcoa, more intense in the northeast, extending during the afternoon to the rest of the Community, although they are less likely in the south of Álava. Probable banks of fog or evening mist in high areas. Minimum temperatures in ascent; maximum in descent. Wind west and northwest weak rolling north.

CASTILLA Y LEÓN: In the northeastern cloud cover without ruling out occasional weak precipitations, of snow above 1,800 meters. In the rest little cloudy with low clouds, mists and fogs, dense and locally persistent in the plateau. Minimum temperatures in slight decrease in the Southeast and without changes or slight rise in the rest, and locally rising highs remarkable in areas where the mists were persistent the previous day and declining in the rest. Generalized weak frosts. Loose winds from the north and northeast, more intense in the east.

NAVARRA: Cloudy in the northwest and cloudy intervals in the rest. Likely fog banks and afternoon fog in the northwest, where weak rains are also expected, which can be extended, scattered and occasional, to the rest of the northern third. Minimum temperatures without changes or rising; maximum in decline in the Pyrenees and northwest and rising in the rest. Weak frosts at high levels. Slack northwest wind with more intense intervals in the Ribera del Ebro.

LA RIOJA: Cloudy or covered without discarding scattered weak rainfall, especially in the Rioja Alta and in the form of snow from 1,800 meters. Minimum temperatures without changes or slight rise, and maximum decreases, locally notable in the Iberian. Weak frosts in the mountains. Winds from the north and northwest.

ARAGÓN: Cloudy or cloudless with morning mists and mists, locally persistent in southern Huesca. Increasing to cloudy in the afternoon in the southern third. Minimum temperatures with few changes and maximums in remarkable descent in the southern third and Pyrenees, and in remarkable rise in the Ebro valley. Weak frosts in the Pyrenees and the Iberian. Variable wind weak, tending in the afternoon to moderate northwest in the Ebro valley.

CATALONIA: Partly cloudy with morning mists and mists, locally persistent in the central depression and some intervals of low clouds on the coast and northeast. Falling temperatures in the Western Pyrenees and with little change in the rest. Frosts in the Pyrenees, generally weak. At the ends of the coast, northwest wind weak to moderate and the rest, loose variable.

EXTREMADURA: Intervals of low clouds, mists and mists that can be locally persistent, tending at noon to little cloudy or clear. Minimum temperatures without changes or in slight rise, and maximum without changes in the north and in descent in the south. Northerly or northeasterly winds, loose.

MADRID: Cloudy or cloudless with low clouds and morning fog banks in the Tajo and Tajuña valleys. Temperatures without significant changes, except the maximum in the Sierra where they will descend slightly. Variable loose wind prevailing northeast from midday.

CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: Cloudy or cloudless except for low clouds and fog banks in the Tajo and Guadiana valleys and in the La Mancha area, which may be locally persistent. Minimum temperatures with few changes, except in Ciudad Real and Albacete where they will descend slightly, and maximum decreases in Ciudad Real, Albacete and high areas of Cuenca and Guadalajara, and with little change in the rest. Generalized weak frosts, except at the western end of the community. Northeast wind in Cuenca and Guadalajara and loose east component in the rest.

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: Sky with intervals of low clouds, without discarding some weak and scattered precipitation in the southern half. Mists and morning fog banks. Temperatures with few changes. Variable wind loose.

MURCIA: Skies with cloudy intervals, more frequent in the littoral, where there is a small probability of weak, scattered and occasional rainfall at nightfall. Mists and morning fog banks. Minimum temperatures without changes, with weak frosts in high areas; maximum without changes in the littoral and decrease in the interior. Variable winds weak, tending to east component.

BALEARIC: Cloudy with a probability of some weak, occasional and isolated precipitation. Morning mist. Night temperatures in light ascent and diurnal in slight descent. Loose winds of northern component.

ANDALUCIA: Skies little cloudy or clear. On the Mediterranean coast and Sierra Morena, intervals of low clouds and mists, without ruling out fogs, are more likely in Sierra Morena, where the skies will tend to be slightly cloudy in the afternoon. Weak, scattered and occasional rainfall is not ruled out on the Mediterranean coastline at nightfall. Minimum temperatures in descent in the eastern interior, rising in the western end, and unchanged in the rest, with weak frosts in points of the eastern interior; maximum in descent except in Cadiz and Valle del Guadalquivir where they will remain unchanged. Loose winds, of east component in the littoral and of north component in the rest. Lift loose in the Strait, raging at the end.

CANARY ISLANDS: Cloudy intervals in the north of the islands of greater relief with wide openings in central hours of the day. Little cloudy or clear in the rest. Intervals of high clouds during the morning in the eastern islands. Temperatures with few changes. Wind from the northeast on the coasts and from the east in the midlands and uplands.


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