Today begins the trial for the awards of AENA to the Gürtel plot

The National Court held today the trial on allegedly irregular awards of AENA to the Gürtel in exchange for money or travel, which are accused the head of the plot, Francisco Correa, and the former Director of Communication of the public entity Ángel López de la Speck.

The then subordinate of the communication director José María Gavari and the accountant of the Gürtel, José Luis Izquierdo, sentenced to 17 years and 7 months, will also sit next to them.

The trial will be before a court of the second section of the Criminal Division, composed of three judges, among them Judge Fernando Andreu, against whom the defense of Gavari presented an incident of disqualification that was not admitted for processing by this section.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office asks for the former Director of Communication of AENA and his subordinate 8 years in prison, while Correa and Izquierdo face 10 and 7 years in prison, respectively.

The second section has scheduled 15 sessions for the trial, from today until February 14, and will be held at the seat of the court of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid).


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