October 30, 2020

To what extent are you a victim of the Christmas postureo? Find out | Love Use of Technology in THE COUNTRY

If at some point the Iberian ingenuity emerges with all its consequences, it is at Christmas time, through the millions of messages that travel between the smartphones Not in vain, between 2017 and 2018, mobile data traffic grew 35% at Christmas and New Year.

However, such a large number of messages, apart from stunning, arouse many mixed feelings. For example: who has not doubted to sweat what to respond to someone who congratulates but is not registered in the contacts agenda? Should we answer all congratulations? When to do it Until what day should a happy year be desired? It is best to take it with humor. That is why we invite you to do this test in which, depending on what you answer, you will be in a Christmas or other prototype. Don't take it too seriously …

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