"To unify the center-right vote, you have to vote for the PP"

The national leadership of the PP has ruled out this Monday joint lists of PP and Cs for the elections in Andalusia after the president of the orange party, Inés Arrimadas, left that possibility open a couple of days ago. In his view, the "formula" is to support the PP and "unify the vote around the Popular Party."

Arrimadas admits that he has not spoken with Casado about a Cs-PP union in Andalusia

Arrimadas admits that he has not spoken with Casado about a Cs-PP union in Andalusia

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Last Saturday, at an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press, Arrimadas assured that, in the face of the "anti-change clamp" that in his opinion is being forged between PSOE and Vox, "you have to value anything to reissue the" Andalusian government, respecting that PP and Cs are "two different parties with different electoral programs," thus leaving open the possibility of running on joint lists with the Popular Party.

In statements to journalists, on arrival at the institutional act on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Constitution, the Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP and deputy of the Popular Group for Malaga, Pablo Montesinos, has ruled out a joint list of PP and Cs for Andalusia. In his opinion, "the way is the PP and vote for Pablo Casado in the general elections and Juanma Moreno in Andalusia when the regional elections correspond."

"Come to the common house of the PP"

"What all the center-right or dissatisfied PSOE voter has to do is come to the common house, which is that of the PP," said Montesinos, who pointed out that if both the center-right voter and the discontented socialist support the PP , Pedro Sánchez will have "one foot out of the Moncloa".

For this reason, Montesinos has stressed that "there are no other formulas or other ways" and has insisted that "the union of the center-right has to be enshrined around the PP." "Thus the left loses and the radical partners of Sánchez lose," he added.

The strategy set after the motion of censure in Murcia

Sources from the national leadership of the PP have later insisted that the only formula in which Casado works is to "unify the center-right vote in the umbrella of the PP." "Who voted for Cs, who voted for Vox and who voted for the PSOE and is unhappy, bring them together around the PP", they have added from 'Genoa'.

The same sources recall what happened in Murcia, with the censure motion that Ciudadanos promoted together with the PSOE to unseat the Government of Fernando López Miras, and confirm that the PP's strategy is the one that the PP secretary general, Teodoro, explained in public then García Egea when he opened the doors of the PP to the voters and positions of Citizens.

"With nocturnality and treachery"

Moreover, popular sources have stressed that the electoral formula is the PP in and have insisted that Ciudadanos betrayed their trust in Murcia and Madrid. A betrayal that has also brought up the president of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, also pointing out in Congress that the Arrimadas party "with nighttime and treachery" and at the worst moment of the pandemic, signed a motion of censure with him. PSOE to destabilize the government that both forces had and hand over power to the left. "Ciudadanos is anything but reliable and the only way to guarantee a PP government and that Pedro Sánchez does not govern is by voting only for the PP."

Sources from Cs, for their part, have ensured that they maintain their coalition strategy where feasible, referring to their attempts to do so in Galicia or Catalonia, but that at this time there is nothing and it does not mean that this possibility will materialize.

Regarding that eventual alliance that would also seek to prevent Vox from entering the Board, the deputy spokesperson for the formation in Congress, Macarena Olona, ​​has limited herself to stating that this orange maneuver shows the "little confidence" they have in their candidacies and that In any case, this does not affect your party. "We attend all of Spain very calmly."


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