April 15, 2021

To the bed in the Casa Encendida

To the bed in the Casa Encendida

"Good Morning. It seems that today we have woken up together. " With this inoffensive and warm appreciation of the morning Ikea's marketing director in Spain, Laura Durán, welcomed us. Unlike Benigni, we do not know if he has dreamed all night with us, but we intuited the result, regardless of whether we went to the movies or brought that pink dress, which has been worth it. The inner courtyard of the Casa Encendida has been awakened between yawns this morning with the unmade bed and breakfast prepared. Literally.

The reason for such delight lies in the presentation of a new artistic project of interior design that will host until Thursday the cycle of conferences and creative workshops "The revolution of spaces", organized by some of the most relevant voices of national and international contemporary design . To enable a place in which to carry out this exchange of ideas and deepen the revolution that for a while have been experiencing cities, homes, streets and people, IKEA and La Casa Encendida, within the framework of Madrid Design Festival, they set in motion this original and disruptive artistic proposal.

"The idea that we want to transfer with this installation is the need to suppress hierarchies between the speaker and the listener. Transform the transmission of messages in conversations. Encourage the encounter with the other, dialogue, "says Mónica Carroquino, responsible for Culture of the Casa Encendida. In line with this argument, the creators of the initiative -selected from among the 85 projects presented last December-, Juan and Ignacio Ezcurra, from the Collective 0, affirm that what they have done is "a temple to hedonism and domestic comfort, to the couple's conversations in bed (in this case the speakers) or to those we had with our friends in our childhood, well into the night ".

Rethinking the places we inhabit, the way we do it, the body posture we acquire when entering certain places, the behavior we adopt depending on the space we hold and the possibility of being able to conquer the different frames of our own existence are Some of the adaptation needs that companies demand and that this circuit aims to collect and improve.

As assured in an interview recently granted to this newspaper Álvaro Matías, director of the Madrid Design Festival: "We believe in the power of design as a tool to modify our environment". An environment that never stops changing and that this time has decided to do it from a bed. The place where creativity never falls asleep.


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