January 16, 2021

«To serious people with a lot of money»

«To serious people with a lot of money»

Friedman wrote on his Facebook page that seeks "an eBay expert who knows how to auction an exceptional item, one of a kind in Israel".

When other users of the social network started asking him questions about the object, he said it was his Olympic medal.

Some of the Internet users wanted to know how much they expected to earn, others asked him not to auction it and Friedman answered "Only answers from serious people with a lot of money".

Interviewed by the digital Walla Sport, the former sports player said that for now I was just investigating how much it cost and what I did because I needed the money.

Friedman won a bronze medal in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and, after two years of retirement, won the world windsurfing championship in 2001, after which he left the sport definitively in 2008.

Since then he is windsurf instructor and photographer of weddings and other events.

In 2005, their parents' house was robbed and several valuables were stolen from the safe, including the two Friedman medals.

A few days later a person walking on a beach found them, but before, Haaretz pointed out, Friedman came to declare that "there is no money in the world to replace that medal".



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