May 11, 2021

To prison for raping a minor of 14 years in Algeciras with the help of two friends | Society

To prison for raping a minor of 14 years in Algeciras with the help of two friends | Society

The 18-year-old man accused of raping a 14-year-old girl last night of Reyes in Algeciras has been sent to prison at noon on Tuesday. The police have also arrested two friends of the alleged aggressor, one of them a minor, for being present during what happened, not helping the victim and cooperating so that the facts "were consummated", as they have specified from the police station in the town of Cadiz. .

The detainee, previous sentimental partner of the victim, approached the minor when she was walking through the streets of Algeciras with her boyfriend on January 5, while the Cabalgata de Reyes was being celebrated. The man, 18 years old and a native of Madrid, was accompanied by two other friends. Between the three of them, they threatened the young man who was walking with the girl to leave.

Once they were with the youngest of 14 years alone, the attacker grabbed her by the wrist and took her to a parking area, near the port of the city, known as Llano Amarillo. There, after some bushes, he grabbed the girl by the neck and by the waist, lowered her pants and raped her, according to the testimony provided by the victim. The girlfriends of the victim found her right after what happened, in the same place of events.

Thanks to the quick notice of these young people, Several officers who were patrolling the city for the Cabalgata went to the place and helped the minor who explained what happened and who was "blocked" from the attack. The police managed to locate and arrest the alleged aggressor in the vicinity of Llano Amarillo that same night.

After spending more than two days in the premises of the police station in the city, the man has appeared during the morning of today in the Court of Violence against Women in Algeciras. The alleged aggressor is being investigated for the crime of sexual assault. The judge has decreed for the young man -president currently in the town of San Roque- the admission in provisional prison communicated and without bail. The magistrate has thus considered the request of both the private prosecution and the Prosecutor's Office.

Although at first the police only stopped the aggressor, the agents of the Children's Group of the U.F.A.M. (belonging to the Judicial Police Brigade of the Police Station) opened an investigation to determine the responsibility of the two friends of the detainee. After hearing the testimonies of the victim, his current boyfriend and other witnesses, the agents have also arrested both young people.

The police believe that, in the course of the events, the two friends – one older and one younger – witnessed the scene and ensured that the alleged aggressor would finish them. For this reason, the investigators consider them "necessary cooperators in the consummation of the reported violation", as the institution said today in a statement. In addition, the two detainees are being investigated for crimes of threats to the child's current boyfriend.

Tomorrow it is expected that the two detainees, both of Spanish nationality, will go to court. The adult will be placed at the disposal of the Court of Violence against Women and the other, not reaching even 18 years, will be available to the Office of the Attorney for Minors. In addition, the judge has issued protection orders for the victim and two friends of this, to witness the facts.

The police have requested to avoid providing any information of the child or detainees that can facilitate the identification of the victim, before the various comments arising in social networks. Also, from the institution they have highlighted the importance of quickly denouncing these events. "In this case, thanks to the call to 091 we learned of the incident and the victim was quickly treated and his attacker arrested in a few minutes," explained the police.


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