August 9, 2020

To prison 4 men for corruption of minors supervised by Consell Menorca

The Court of Instruction number 1 of Mahón has ordered the imprisonment of four men detained by the National Police accused of crimes of corruption of minors, young people supervised by the Consell de Menorca, and drug trafficking.

The detainees are two Spaniards, 22 and 39 years old, an Ecuadorian 35 and a Dominican 43, all with a background, the Balearic Police Headquarters detailed in a statement.

The investigation began after the information provided by the Consell de Menorca, after the complaint of a minor to the Family Insular Service, as assured by the Minister of Social Welfare and Family, Barbara Torrent, who has also denied that the minors object of The research is supervised by the institution.

“We informed the authorities last July of information that a minor sent us. After entering the Children’s House of two teenagers in January we were able to offer more details. It is important to note that they are not minors under guardianship because, although they are known by the Insular Family Service, they reside with their relatives in their respective homes, ”he said.

Sources close to the investigation have told Efe that at least two of the four children affected are under the tutelage of the administration.

Recently, the Police heard that several minors had been subjected to proposals for sexual acts by adults in exchange for money and drugs.

It was also known that minors came to a building, the home of one of those involved, who returned home with symptoms of being under the influence of drugs.

The events began last summer when, in the course of the operation “Skate”, the National Police detected a focus of retail consumption and sale of drugs in a park in Mahón, place of meeting of minors, and found that It was frequented by several adults who related to minors.

The police pressure caused these people to move to the Es Freginal park, also in Mahón, where it was found that the same adults were still surrounded by underage girls, using marijuana and using some of these to try to hide the drug.

As a result of this “Skate” operation, 12 adults of various nationalities were arrested and various substances such as cocaine, designer drugs and marijuana were intervened.

In recent weeks, the agents were able to verify that the detainees continued to frequent the areas and related to minors, initiating an investigation to confirm whether there were signs of drug trafficking and some type of sexual abuse of the girls.


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