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To auction the first book of Lorca that the author himself decided to burn

The first book that Federico García Lorca public,
Impressions and landscapes
, did not have good luck when it went on sale in 1918. The failure was such that the same author decided to burn all the copies he could and only managed to survive a dozen. One of these copies will be the one that will be auctioned next December 4th in London for a starting price of between 6,900 and 9,000 euros.

The company that will conduct the auction is Bonhams Fine Books and Manuscripts. The firm has informed the agency that the copy belongs to a descendant of the poet and is "in excellent condition and the pages have never been opened." Lorca embodied in Impressions and landscapes a single prose story that was published thanks to funding from the author's father.

Impressions and landscapes of Federico García Lorca

Impressions and landscapes of Federico García Lorca
(Bonhams Fine Books and Manuscripts / Bonhams Fine Books and Manuscripts)

The copy of the first book that Lorca wrote will be sold for a price between 6,900 and 9,000 euros

The editorial New Library published to celebrate its centenary the texts that belonged to a travel diary that Lorca did with other students of the University of Granada, where he studied Philosophy and Letters and Law.

Lorca and his faculty members traveled between 1916 and 1917 to different cities in Spain. It was then in 1917, that he met the poet Antonio Machado in Baeza (Jaén).

The texts belong to a travel journal that he made with his colleagues at the University of Granada

The author of Impressions and landscapes He was also known for his role as a musician. Although he left his musical studies after returning to Granada after his adventures with his companions, he remained known for being a talented pianist all his life.

Such was his devotion to music, that even his friends called him "the musician". The poet played the piano in different places that they were visiting, such as the Zamora Circle.

Back to Impressions and landscapes, the appraiser of the Bonhams Fine Books and Manuscripts company has reported that there are only three copies of the book in the auction records and only five others have been found in different institutions.

Federico García Lorca, youth portrait

Federico García Lorca, youth portrait
(Newspaper library)

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