"Tito Berni" as an excuse for the And you more!

Minister Montero refuted the accusations of corruption launched by the opposition this Wednesday in Congress. / efe

The Mediator case has been installed in the political debate in a transversal way as a throwing weapon and hanger for the crossing of accusations between the Government and the opposition

Loreto Gutierrez

Since last February 14 there has hardly been a political debate in which the Mediator case does not arise, and as the details of the plot have become known, the adventures of the former deputy of the Canarian PSOE
Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo they have become ubiquitous in every session of Congress.

The opposition does not miss the opportunity to bring up "Tito Berni" as
throwing weapon against the PSOE, whatever the object of debate, while the Socialists hide behind their quick action to
get rid of the bad apple and they counterattack with the list of corruption cases involving PP and Vox.

This Wednesday was no exception and the government control session once again filled the Lower House of
cross accusationss and mutual reproaches on the entire tone scale. Two direct questions to members of the Executive about the Mediator case were scheduled on the agenda, but it did not take so long for the question to arise.
dialectical battle that crossed the plenary session and that according to the speaker oscillated between verbal fencing and the crude blow.

The spokesperson for the Popular Party, Cuca Gamarra, opened the ban, peppering her speech with allusions to Tito Berni and parties with prostitutes, in a question to the president about whether women are a priority for the Government. Sánchez then resorted to the old relationship of Núñez Feijóo with
a Galician drug dealerMarcial Dorado, with whom the leader of the PP appeared sailing in some photos that came to light in 2013. "We may have a stowaway on the ship, but when that happens we immediately lower it ashore," he said, "and I tell him more: when I get on a boat, the first thing I do is check
who is the boss. And I think you guys understand me," she added.

From there, the Mediator case did not stop planning on the plenary session. In another question from the PP about the level of confidence generated by the Executive's economic policy, the deputy Carlos Rojas made the socialist group ugly that Fuentes Curbelo had been
anti-fraud law rapporteur. "This government cannot hope to generate confidence in this way," he affirmed.

The PP spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, peppered her question with allusions to the Mediator case. /


Already in the time for specific questions about the Mediator case -one to the Minister of Finance,
Maria Jesus Monteroand another to the Minister of the Interior,
Fernando Grande Marlaska-, Vox deputy José María Figaredo raised his tone and accused the PSOE of hiding the deputies who attended a dinner with Fuentes Curbelo, whom he directly accused of spending public money on cocaine and prostitutes.

"Only one has come to light, but the others
they are hidden in the parliamentary group," he said. The deputy from the extreme right affirmed that the PSOE "corruption oozes from each of its pores" and referred to the ERE of Andalusia, to the reduction of sentences for rapists, to the reform of the Penal Code to soften the crime of embezzlement, to end by alluding to the trains of Cantabria. "Resign and
call elections Yeah," he claimed.

Minister Montero described Figaredo's intervention as "shameful" and hit him back. «It is a real impudence that you talk about 'titos' being you
nephew of Rodrigo Rato", he said, "I wish I could compare your parliamentary group with mine, which is an honest group," he added.

The head of the Treasury warned that the "hunt" for socialist deputies that Vox intends to carry out is not going to go well. «When we have a case of irregularities in the group
we expelled him from the party and we forced him to hand over the minutes," he said, "but among his ranks sit deputies such as Espinosa de los Monteros, convicted by the Supreme Court for not paying his house, or González Coello, disqualified for serious accounting irregularities.
lessons, noneMontero added.

He was followed in turn by the PP deputy for Santa Cruz de Tenerife Ana Zurita, who accused Grande Marlaska of lying when she assured that she did not know that there was an open investigation into Fuentes Curbelo. "We know there is
complaints for more than a year by the court order and you say that you did not know, but that
no one believes it», explained the Canarian parliamentarian, «it is clear that the Government has hidden information to minimize the damage at the gates of an election», she added.

The Minister of the Interior responded to the accusation confirming that he found out about the Mediator case
by the press the day it came out. "That day I also found out from the press that the Prosecutor's Office asks my predecessor for 15 years in prison for
one of the most serious facts of democracy», he pointed out in reference to former minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and his involvement in the Kitchen case of state espionage, «I suppose you ask me that question because you believe that the current Ministry of the Interior
it's like yoursand it is totally the opposite, “stressed Grande Marlaska.