March 7, 2021

Tips to keep your mobile phone clean: what to use and what not – The Province

Themobile phonesThey are a real source of dirt.Although most are not aware of it, the fact is that smartphones are one of the dirtiest everyday objects that we can find in our homes. In fact, this was highlighted by a study by the Department of Microbiology of the University of Barcelona, ​​which found thatthe screen of thesmart phoness can contain up to 600 types of bacteria.This data is not trivial if one takes into account that for example in the toilet bowl you can find on average about 20 different types of bacteria, thirty times less than on the screen of a mobile phone.

The 'dirt' of the mobile forces extreme precautions. For this, it is necessaryperiodically clean our smartphones,although for them we must follow a series of recommendations to know what we should use and what not to improve the cleanliness of our terminals.


How to clean your mobile

In the case of the screen, to clean it the most effective is to usemicrofiber clothsor a chamois similar to those used for example to clean the glasses.

Microfiber does not cause scratchesand avoids the release of particles that can be trapped in the different holes of the terminal.

To obtain a suitable result, we can wet the cloth with a little distilled water or with a solution with amixture of water (80%) and alcohol (20%). Instead, it is best to flee from abrasive liquids such as window cleaners.

If we already have clear what we should use for a correct cleaning of the screen of our phone, it does not come at all bad to emphasize what we should not use in any way. So let's say goodbye forever to all kinds ofrough material that can scratch screens, as it can be the case of towels or handkerchiefs to blow the mucus.

We must also avoid using tap water, as it contains chlorine and can leave stains on the screen. Distilled water, on the other hand, is a good cleaning agent because it does not have salts or bacteria.

Another element that presents more dirt in a mobile arethe keyboard and the connectors.In this case, the best method is to use a cotton swab that we may have moistened with distilled water. Instead, it is preferable to avoid the sticks, because by its hardness we could damage some parts of the smartphone.

The mobile on the beach

On the other hand, now that we enjoy the summer and we take the cell phone to the beach we must be very attentive to two ofThe big enemies of smart phones: sand and water.


Although we have to try as much as possible that the terminal is protected, it is easy to get dirty with sand. To keep it clean, it is advisable to use a brush or a toothbrush. Instead, it is better to avoid blowing the sand, as we can make it embed even more in the terminal, damaging internal elements.We must be especially cautious if the sand affects the lens of the camera,to avoid scratching.

Sand can also scratch the screen. If it is superficial scratches, to solve it we can use a bit oftoothpaste. We spread a little on a damp cloth and rub lightly on the scratch.

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