Tips to give that final push to your English

Tips to give that final push to your English

Although statistics say that every time we speak better English, many Spaniards still have a thorn in the language. After years studying at school, in high school and in academies, and even with some exchange, when we are faced with an interview in English, it is hard for us to develop. A handicap, especially if you are thinking about improving your employment, because in most offers a B1, a B2 and even the C1 is required. So with this reality, we are going to give you the help of Oxford University Press, some guidelines so that this year you will fulfill your good New Year's resolutions and improve your level of English.

Start watching series and movies in original version

Although at the beginning it is complicated, your hearing will get used to it, and, in addition, you will enjoy the original voice of the actors. If your level is not very high, start by putting the subtitles in Spanish, because if you do not understand anything, you will probably end up removing the movie. It is also advisable that you choose movies that you have already seen in Spanish, so that you will not find it difficult to follow the plot. As you gain a level, substitute subtitles in Spanish, for English subtitles. You will improve both listening comprehension and reading comprehension, and you will be able to learn new vocabulary. The next step will be to remove the subtitles and see how your ability to understand English has improved.

Listen to music in English

Do you like music? Then take the opportunity to listen to music in English, because it is a simple way to improve the level. Choose a song by a group or soloist that you like so you can enjoy listening to it sing. It is important that you choose songs whose soloists are good vocalists. The ideal, at the beginning, is that you read the lyrics of the song while you are listening to it. Work on the vocabulary, looking for words you do not know and sing while you listen. Little by little it will be easier for you to understand the songs and your ears will be accustomed to different accents.

Search for native friends

To improve the level of English you need to practice, especially if you already have a good foundation of grammar and vocabulary. You have to get rid of the fear of speaking in English and for that, it is best that you look People with whom to have conversation face to face or by Skype. In all cities there are cafés or pubs where conversation exchange takes place. On the internet there are also a lot of websites where these exchanges are made, for which you will not have to leave the house.

"Alexa, I want to learn English"

Have you asked the Kings for the new intelligent speaker from Amazon? Then improving your level of English will be much more comfortable and simple. "Alexa opens English with Oxford". With this phrase, Echo, the Amazon assistant for the home speaker, whose voice is Alexa, will open the skill of Oxford University Press, the publisher of the University of Oxford. English with Oxford offers episodes of just five minutes to increase your fluency and listening comprehension, listening to conversations between native characters about everyday situations. Each week the episodes are updated and each of them contains three key sections: essential vocabulary, useful expressions and applied grammar.

Certify your level

And once you see how your level of English is improving, you should certify it to be able to prove it before an offer of employment or if you are going to graduate in the university. It is also important to know your level of English, which is certainly higher than you think, and see how you are fulfilling your goals.



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