June 24, 2021

'Tips' to build customer loyalty | Economy

'Tips' to build customer loyalty | Economy

Customers are the most important asset of a company. For the company to work and keep growing there are two options: attract new buyers or try to make those who already are, repeat and repeat and repeat.

We are going to focus on this second option since it is much simpler and cheaper for someone to return the card with us, than not for the first time. The objective is clear: that who has already bought or hired our services once they become a regular customer and true to our brand. Repeat as many times as possible and, in addition, being satisfied recommend us to other consumers. The perfect circle

How to do it?

Create a loyalty club with benefits. Membership in an exclusive club is still working. Sometimes it requires a regular or entry fee and other times it is free, but the important thing is that those who are part of your brand have discounts, offers and advantages that will encourage them to make a next purchase.

The benefits can be received only by belonging to the club or through a system of accumulation of points that gives access to the advantages. It is even advisable to modulate categories, for example, silver, gold and platinum depending on the level of annual expenditure. Each step should have some benefits that improve as you go up, so that there are incentives to continue buying.

Offer exclusive promotions to better buyers. Who does not like to feel unique? Knowing that you will be the first to have access to the new model of sneakers, that you will have the GPS included in your next car rental or that the rebates will start earlier for you, are details that do not decompensate the account of any company and that can generate new sales and hiring.

Not all clients require the same actions, depending on the tastes it will be convenient to use one type of communication or another. A millennial will be interested in benefiting from offers, while perhaps an older person will be more receptive to improvements in quality or added value.

Fosters mouth to mouth. Offer them benefits in exchange for their friends becoming users and also enjoy that advantage. The most common cases are in which both parties enjoy a discount. If your relative makes a first purchase, you will have a discount on your next purchase.

Use smart mail or SMS. Who has the e-mail or phone number of a client, has everything, but remember that it is mandatory that your recipients give the ok to the use of their data. Abusing communications, sending emails or messages with useless or repetitive propaganda can get the opposite effect, that our address is forgotten: to the spam mailbox.

Group your customers according to the type of purchases they have made, in order to be able to send to each type what really interests them.

Interesting newsletter. Organize the periodic sending of exclusive newsletters for your followers, with information about the company, presentation of products, news or offers. Use them to create a community including information about clients with whom the rest can be identified.

Send mailings on designated dates. Many times it is not about selling directly, simply to remember subtly that we are there. Send a greeting for Christmas or on birthdays – and if you add a gift certificate? -, or send some advice to start the holiday well, is always appreciated.

Remember to customize the mail that costs nothing to include the name: you will get more interest in the message.

Give impeccable customer service. Listen to the customer and learn from their criticisms. When someone goes to the customer service, they do it with the hope that they will solve what they plan, not that they will be considered the enemy to beat. If you manage to give it correct, respectful and effective attention, you will have a long-term grateful buyer.

In short, build lasting relationships. Our main objective must be to make the client see that we are interested in him as a person, beyond what he can buy us. Billing is essential for the survival of the company, but there are more factors that must be taken care of, and true profitability is achieved when building long-term relationships with customers. Repeated interactions will form that relationship.


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