Tips that can help you have more possibilities in the lotera - La Provincia

Tips that can help you have more possibilities in the lotera - La Provincia

He told a popular joke that each night a stingy man prayed to God to play the lottery until one day the Lord appeared before him and said: "I want to help you, but buy a coupon, please! "

A joke of the simplest but that hides a truth like a temple: to qualify for a prize is essential to play and, even more, buy several tickets. But, in addition, there are a series of operations thathelp discover the odds we have in each draw. If we pretend to sharpen our aim in the games of chance these tips could help us.

Buy many tickets

It is a basic and simple rule: the more tickets you have more likely you will have to touch you. The option to play in groups to spread the expenses also extends your chances of winning, although obviously, the prize should be distributed among the members.

Be true to your combination

Once you choose your combinations, Do not let the machine choose them for you and always bet on them. If you change the numbers, you decrease your probabilities since every time you choose a new number it is as if you start over. Some studies confirmed that the average time to win important prizes It can be two years.

If you want to check this maximum perform the following experiment: think of a number from 1 to 6 and roll a dice 10 times. If you now roll the die again 10 times more choosing a different number each time, you will discover that your successes were greater the first time.

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Make a study of patterns

Many lotteries have archived historical results in their websites: study which numbers have won more times and if you discover a particular pattern, play according to this. For example, an identifiable pattern could be a high percentage of figures that they go out drawn with certain frequency always within a ten in particular.

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Do not use special dates

The odds that a particular sequence of numbers will be winning twice is very far. Also, do not use numbers of special events, such as emblematic dates, since all those numbers above 31, which is the maximum days that a month has, They do not fall within your possibilities.

Numbers that play the most in the world

Although each draw has its peculiarities there are some statistics worldwide that give information about the number of times the numbers have been drawn. For example, him 03, 13, 17, 25, 26, 33 and 35 They are the most successful numbers worldwide by games of chance. The numbers that have left less are 10, 14, 24, 30, 36, 38 and 42, as revealed by the website

Use a 'Wheels system'

The same website reports that playing with the 'wheel system' increases the chances of success: it involves combining a fixed number with others. That is, if you choose 15, try combining it with three different games: 15-22-23, 08-15-16, 15-17-35.

Now that you know these tips, may luck be with you!


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