Tips for making better videos in the snow, ski channel, La Provincia

Tips for making better videos in the snow, ski channel, La Provincia

Where to put the camera, what filters to use, what clothes to wear € tips to achieve optimal recording


It is very common to see skiers recording while sliding down the tracks, to later be able to relive the experience, share the video with friends or on social networks or, even, with a pedagogical purpose of be able to perfect the technique.

There are cameras prepared for Snow sports, which can be fixed on the helmet, the sticks € But we do not always get the results we imagine. If we want to improve the quality of our recordings, the following tips will come as a glove.

To place the camera in a good place is important guide it correctly. We should not focus either from above, or from below. There are three options to place it:

1. Mounting on the helmet:
If we put the camera in the helmet we tend the free hands and total freedom of movement. The camera will not block, although we will have less perspective when it comes to recording.

2. Mounting on stick:
Many snowboarders prefer to wear the camera on a stick since this option provides better views than the previous one. The problem is that it is very easy to hit the camera and, in addition, it requires a great control of both the snow and the handling of the club.

3. Carry the camera on the chest
Through an arns we can hold the camera in the chest. Perhaps it is the least recommended option, since it is easy for the camera to be splashed with some snowflake that will disable the images.

-Choose a camera that has a polarizing filter to record in snow.

-Caution with the cameras that come inside waterproof boxes since with the cold environment they can experience condensation and offer a bad image.

-Use snow clothes with colorful colors so that they stand out on the white background of the tracks.

-If you record the video at 60 frames per second (fps) and you see it at 30 fps, it will slow down to 50% achieving a video sequence to slow motion

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