Tips for creating the perfect password - The Province

Tips for creating the perfect password - The Province

This FridayNovember 30the celebration is celebratedInternational Day of Information Security, a date that is used to raise awareness aboutimportance of protecting our informationThird party, for which a robust password is essential and create it is not as difficult as it may seem.

Create the perfect security key inInternetputs our information secure and protects it from computer thieves, as explained by theAssociation of Internet usersit's a statement. One of the mistakes most people make is to use easy-to-remember words or important dates in both bank accounts and emails. Such a key, as explained by the association, facilitates the access of unauthorized third parties to sensitive data both personally and business.

To avoid the dangers associated with data theft, the association has proposed a series ofrules to keep the keys safe, which can be implemented both in web servers and in emails, banking access or other security systems.

Rules for creating a secure password

Herecommendnever use passwords that are only words that are related to the user, that is, common names, famous people, names of family members or pets, brands or cities. Neither should an exclusively numeric key be used, whether or not it has a relationship with the user, so they reject the use of telephone numbers, anniversary or birth dates, identification numbers such as ID or social security, as well as license plates. vehicles.

Based on the above, theAssociation of Internet usersaffirms that the perfect key must contain and mix alphanumeric characters, chosen or not at random. Refering tonumber of characters used, the key should have aminimum of eight, although in the case of using encryption program keys it is recommended that more than twenty be used.

Once the password is established, it is urged not to share it with anyone and not to use the same password for everything, but to introduce a different one for each one of the emails, bank accounts or devices, since, as explained by the association,"If a person obtains in some way illicit information, his password could easily be used in everything he has and his security would be easily broken". Finally, theAssociationIt proposes to change the passwords every three months, which they indicate as something obligatory in certain banking entities.

Automatic key generator

In addition to the rules for creating a secure password, the Internet Association also proposes the use of the'software'password generator'Claves.exe', developed by the organization itself and that can be downloaded on its website.

The application'Claves.exe'You have several options to select to create the key, from the use of digits to alphanumeric characters and the length of the code. In addition, it offers the possibility for the user to choose a series of characters with which the generator will form the password.


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