January 23, 2021

Tips for a day without the mobile – The Province

In recent years the 'smartphones'they have become an extension of the body of people, to the point that for many it is almost unthinkable to live without them; they accompany them to work and to the bathroom, watch series on their screens, check bank movements or use them associal media.

All life is recorded in these devices and hours go by without the eyes peeling off their screens. Therefore, OnePlus celebrated on March 2 is a 'Mobile Phone Day', with which he encouraged "all people to participate in it and regain digital control of their lives."

Likewise, and for anyone who wants to get rid of their 'smartphone', from OnePlus remember that there are small actions that can be performed, such as activating the 'Reading mode', which causes the screen to be black and white, and the stimuli in the brain caused by the excess of colors are reduced.

You can alsomove the most used applications to the secondary screento avoid quick access through the main screen. This is an effective way to avoid abuse of social networks or other 'apps'. In this line, they also advise making conscious use of applications such as YouTube or Instagram.

Another way to avoid frequent use of the 'smartphone' isturn off previews. In this way, the user will not receive pieces of information that appeal to an application constantly.

Finally, you can alsoactivate the phone's silent mode, so as not to have to take out the phone by any sound.


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