Tip several blows in the face of your partner for not buying tobacco - La Provincia

The Local Police of Valencia he arrested a 35-year-old man on Tuesday night for an alleged crime of gender violence towards his partner, a woman of 39 to which he punched him in the face because she refused to buy him a packet of tobacco, as indicated by police sources.

The arrest was carried out by agents of the Coexistence and Security Unit and the events happened at 22:49 on Monday, when the police were required by the 092 Room after a notice arrived through the Emergency Center 112 about an aggression of gender violence.

When the agents showed up at the scene they interviewed the woman victim of the aggression, who said that her sentimental partner had begun punching her face after she refused to buy tobacco. Also, the woman explained to the police that, seeing the state of excitement that the suspect had and his aggressiveness, he tried to leave the placer, to what he, it seems, He responded by throwing her violently against a wall before fleeing.

The police made several beats in the area where the events had taken place and, finally, located the alleged aggressor in a park when he tried to go unnoticed before the police presence. The defendant responded to the description that the agents had, presented recent scoriations on the knuckles and acknowledged having pushed the victim, so he ended up being arrested.

For its part, the victim was taken to a hospital, where she was examined for her injuries since she presented bleeding wounds in her nose and mouth.


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