Tinder works on the creation of a ‘panic button’ – La Provincia

The social dating networkTinderYou are working to add a panic button to your application so that users can notify you if they are in a dangerous situation.

Match Group,The company in charge of Tinder, intends to use the functions of the Noonlight application, which can activate requests for emergency services through a button.

Thedating appIt plans to include the functions for free to its American users later this month. In addition, Match Group also plans to add them in other dating applications in the coming months.

When Tinder includes the toolNoonlight, users can enter information such as the time of the appointment and even details about the person they are left with, according to The Wall Street Journal.

If the user activates the alert,the application can share the information withThe authorities,among other things the real-time location of the person.

However, the application does not send the data to the emergency services as soon as you press the button. To avoid false positives, after activating the alert, Noonlightask the user to enter a code. If you do not, you will receive a text message and a call and if you do not respond or if in your response you confirm that you need help, the app will notify emergency services.

Match Group has sometimes been criticized for not trying harder to rule out those who behave badly, often following reports ofsexual assaultsand other crimes of people left through the application.


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