Timochenko asks Duque to save Colombia from the "precipice" and comply with the agreements

The head of the FARC party, Rodrigo Londoño, known as "Timochenko" in his time as a guerrilla, asked the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, to save the country from the "precipice to which they are leading", in a letter denouncing the murder of demobilized and criticizes the breach of the peace agreement.

"Sometimes I have thought that you are not fully aware of the direction that the sectors that rage with peace and democracy want to print to the country. Mr. President, make the most sacred thing you have, in the current state of Colombia, in the the cliff they are leading to. It is still time, "says Timochenko in the letter released this Sunday.

The leader of the FARC party, in which the guerrillas became after their demobilization, thus referred to the situation of insecurity of the ex-combatants after ensuring that last week was "loaded with significant events, which say a lot about the country's direction and the future that lies ahead. "


Last week more than 60 ex-combatants made the decision to leave the Santa Lucia area of ​​the Ituango municipality, in the department of Antioquia (northwest), where they carry out their process of reintegration into society, due to lack of security guarantees after the murder of ex-guerrilla Darío Herrera.

In addition, the Colombian Government confirmed that the authorities responded to an "alert" for an alleged plan to attack the former guerrilla chief "Pastor Alape", a FARC delegate in the National Reincorporation Council (CNR) in the same area.

Given these facts, the FARC party denounced an "extermination plan" against former guerrillas in Ituango, where the Gulf Clan, the largest band of paramilitary origin in the country, and FARC dissidents who did not accept the peace agreement signed in November 2016 with the Government.

To the demobilized "they almost shout at them that they have no right to complain, that those who are killing them are the dissent, their former companions," Timochenko said today, stating that this shows "the intolerable nature of the persecution" that they live " suffering the signatories of the Final Peace Agreement. "

For the FARC leader, the threats have led the demobilized to become "forced displaced. They left their weapons, they are ordinary peasants, who simply run the same fate as their Chocó, Nariño, Cauca, Putumayo or Catatumbo peers. ".

This, says Timochenko, forces us to meditate "deeply on what is happening, not only in Ituango or Antioquia, where there are already 25 reincorporated victims of homicides in mansalva, but in a large part of the national territory."

In addition to Herrera, the former guerrillas Jhon Fredy Vargas Rojas, in Pitalito (Huila) have been killed this month; Hober Arias Giraldo, in Dabeiba (Antioquia); and Benjamín Banguera Rosales, in the convulsive department of Cauca (southwest).

Those deaths add up to 77 of 2019, the most violent year for former guerrillas who accepted the peace agreement, according to the United Nations Observation Mission.


Once again the FARC leader once again criticized the implementation of the peace agreements, signed in November 2016 by the Government of Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2018), and denounced the risk for those who benefited from disarmament and the reinstatement process. .

"In the Agreements of Havana, the Colombian State undertook to surround the reincorporated with numerous guarantees. And the social leaders and leaders of the opposition. To all who exercise the policy. It is absolutely clear that none of that is being fulfilled. ", he said, criticizing that the now Interior Minister Nancy Patricia Gutierrez described the peace process as" faint ".

For the UN, which oversees the implementation of the agreements between the Government and the FARC, repeated attacks against ex-combatants and social leaders remain the main threat to the consolidation of peace in the country.


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