March 5, 2021

Timetable and where to see the Djokovic-Baptist

Roberto Bautista's plans were far from reaching the Wimbledon semifinals before the tournament. So far away that he should be in Ibiza celebrating his bachelor party. "I had planned to be in Ibiza right now, we had everything organized, my six friends are there, but it feels better to be in London," he said.

His friends will celebrate his farewell as he prepares to try to win once again this season the world number 1, Novak Djokovic, but on Friday they will be all together. From 14:00 hours on Vamos de Movistar the match will be seen.

They will only change the scenario, instead of in Ibiza they will be in Wimbledon. Bautista has beaten the Serbian in his two commitments this year, in Doha and in Miami. "I do not know if I intimidated him, but bother him for sure. I think I played good games against him. At times I have put him on the ropes. It's going to be a match similar to the ones we've played, "said the Spanish tennis player after beating Argentina's Pella and qualifying for the semifinals.

He is the sixth Spanish to reach the penultimate round in the British tournament, but leaves the favoritism in the hands of Djokovic. "He's the favorite to win the game and win the tournament," he says.


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