July 28, 2021

Tim Cook enters in person in the Apple speaker promotion | Technology

Tim Cook enters in person in the Apple speaker promotion | Technology

Technology companies are willing to use all their artillery on smart speakers, devices that execute commands by voice commands. Apple has added the HomePod to compete with the Echo from Amazon and the Google Home. To promote it in Spain, the leader of Apple, Tim Cook, presented Thursday in Madrid, along with the artist Rosalia, the launch of his device, which will be available from this Friday, October 26.

Cook has highlighted Spain as a "growing market" and has highlighted its creativity, its music, its art, its enthusiasm and its energy. It is part of the campaign to monopolize the sales of devices that technology companies trust to be triggered in the coming months.

The success of Amazon's Echo, mainly in the United States, where it has monopolized 70% of sales, has launched the race. Jeff Bezos, the founder of the company, has said that Alexa aspires to be the fourth pillar of her business next to Prime.

Google and Amazon use their assistants as a complement to their business lines: web searches, services and purchases. Apple has focused on music – hence the promotion of Cook with Rosalia in Madrid – and on the interaction functions with other household appliances, as the basis of the Internet of Things. The bet of Microsoft is Cortana and Telefonica has launched its 'intelligent command' Movistar Home with Aura.


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